Chance for UChicago, Columbia, Vandy, Emory, Stanford, Harvard

SAT. 640 M+800 CR+800 W=2240
SAT II. 750 English lit. (I'll be taking more, probably Spanish and math 2)
GPA. 4.0 unweighted, not sure of weighted but I have a 101 average through high school
CLASSES. 4yrs honors English. Chem1, bio1, and Chem2, all honors. algebra 1&2 honors, geometry honors, college algebra, college precal, and college calculus. Gov/econ(no honors offered), world history honors and US history honors. Spanish 1-4, 3 and 4 are honors and also I'm doing them as independent study. 7 semesters of auto tech, which is an honors class(I know that's unorthodox, but this past year I won 2nd in the state for brakes in the state competition). Band freshman year.. wellness... a semester of art..
EC's. 11 years of classical piano training with 5 years of membership in the guild and 1 on honor roll. 5 years of guitar. Captain of the xc and track teams, been to state twice in xc despite being the only true member of the team one of those years and self-coaching. Soccer, 2 years. Go to younglife, am very active in my youth group. Spent 7 weeks of this past summer (summer before senior year) as a volunteer church camp counselor, plus 2 weeks before that and free tutoring last year and some random hours from building projects and stuff gives me around 800 service hours.
Financially, my dad's lawyer, and although he has a lot of expenses cuz he owns his own practice, I don't expect much aid.
I think that's it.. ask questions if I forgot something?</p>

<p>Nobody has any opinion?</p>

<p>You have a decent chance for Vandy, Emory, UChicago. I think Colombuia is a mid reach, Stanford and Harvard are mid-high ish reaches. Maybe you should retake SAT for math? Unless it's just not your thing of course... Good luck!</p>

<p>Woudl you have mercy and chance me? (:<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Yeah I got you :)
God, I forgot national merit. I'll be a National Merit semifinalist most likely, I got a 221</p>

<p>1st in my class too, I forgot that</p>


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<p>800 CR/Writing and 640 Math what the hell....?</p>

<p>It seems like you failed to take any AP courses. Were they offered at your school. If you are applying to such selective schools, you need to take the most rigorous course load.</p>

<p>My school doesn't have any AP classes. I know it sucks.</p>

<p>And I don't know what happened with the SAT. I don't know if it was that day or what, I felt like the ACT math was a lot easier. Which, it shouldn't have been</p>

800 CR/Writing and 640 Math what the hell....?


<p>Hey! I had pretty much the same scores when I took the SAT; some people aren't just good in math or don't like it. If the OP is hoping for the humanities or some art-based major, I think he/she won't be too affected by the low math SAT; it didn't seem to affect me (much) since I applied as English/Writing to all colleges. Just saying!</p>

<p>I suggest you don't submit SAT scores and only submit ACT scores to improve your chances at the more reachy schools.</p>

<p>Your weakness is the lack of APs (but make sure your counselor notes that the school doesn't offer APs on your application) and the weak ECs. </p>

<p>APs offered or not, admissions committees might not view you as having a "rigorous" courseload as compared to other applicants who will have loads of AP classes. Again, if your counselor notes that the "honors" track at your school is the most competitive, that could help some of that issue.</p>

<p>Especially when thinking about applicants to the schools you're thinking of, you are severely lacking in "leadership" roles in your ECs. Being track captain/XC captain when you were the only person on the team will look odd and being a captain for a small team isn't really outstanding for the more reach schools. Youth group isn't really leadership and the volunteer hours are a bonus, not something that will carry your application. </p>

<p>You have a great GPA and strong ACT though, so hopefully this will even out the odd portions of your application. You need to pick some strong reaches and a few safeties. Look at schools like UVA, USC, Georgetown, etc as those are safer reaches than Stanford and Harvard.</p>

<p>UChicago - possible acceptance
Columbia - possible acceptance
Vanderbilt - acceptance
Emory - acceptance
Stanford - rejection
Harvard - rejection</p>

<p>The volunteer work is my leadership thing... it was all leadership roles..</p>

<p>"Church camp counselor" isn't like holding a leadership position above your peers like "Editor in chief," "student body president," "band section leader" or something similar. </p>

<p>Where have you shown exemplary leadership, organizational skills and above-average EC commitment in a group of your peers?</p>

<p>Ah. I mean I was a section leader in the band freshman year, but as far as the amount of responsibility it doesn't even come close to comparing to counseling.. I was the primary caregiver for around 10 kids per week, 24/7.. none of them were my peers because I was in a position of authority, but the oldest of them were juniors in high school.. I don't know if that makes a difference</p>

<p>Also because of the amount I worked I was given more responsibility than most of the volunteers, especially in mentoring and guiding other counselors who were inexperienced. But that doesn't really hold on paper</p>

<p>See if you can have someone from the camp write a letter of recommendation detailing how much leadership was involved -- because, yes, it doesn't translate on paper well. Admissions will need to hear exactly how involved it was.</p>

<p>I still think you need more reasonable reaches and safeties. Schools ranked 15-40.</p>

<p>My son has similar stats</p>

<p>800 CR
800 writing
700 math</p>

<p>he raised his math score from a 660 to a 700 with zero studying, so I would suggest you take math again, and study for it, and try and bang it up to a 700</p>

<p>I agree that you will get into Emory and Vanderbilt.</p>

<p>Think about Wash U also.</p>

<p>The other schools are a crapshoot, because they get so many top applicants. Everyone who applies is great. You could get into all of them, or none of them.</p>

<p>@zelda fitzgerald, thanks for saying that bc I prolly wouldn't have thought of it otherwise. And I'm applying to the university of Tennessee and auburn but those are like super-safeties
@floridadad, thanks that's encouraging, I'm retaking it for sure</p>