Chance for UCI? Plz and thanks!

<p>Undegraduate applicant. Senior.
Troy Tech Program.
I am an Asian American. Male.
uw 3.02 GPA. w 3.65 GPA.
I applied for Economics as my first major and Political Science as my alternative. </p>

<p>SAT: 2130
SAT 2:
-English Literature 690
-Mathematics (Level 2) 720
-Ecological Biology 670
-Calculus AB Not Rcvd
-English Language and Composition 4
-English Literature and Composition Not Rcvd
-Environmental Science Not Rcvd
-Design Tech 5</p>


Geography/History NWC Honors
English 1 (H)
Geometry (H)
Chemistry (H)
Health Ed
Spanish 1
Computer Logic and Algorithms
Fundamentals of Programming
NJROTC 1</p>

European History AP
English 2 (H)
Algebra 2 (H)
Biology AP [dropped 2nd sem]
Biology IB SL [started 2nd sem]
Spanish 2
Spanish 2 H
Computer Science A AP
History of Rock Music @ Fullerton Junior College</p>

U.S. History
English Language & Composition AP
Pre Calculus
Spanish 3
Design Technology IB SL
Internship Tech Program
NJROTC 3</p>

American Government
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Calculus AB [Cal State Fullerton Math 150A Credit]
AP Environmental Science
AP Music Theory
NJROTC 4</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
-President of Hip Hop Dance Club 2 yrs
-Civil Litigation/Law Internship for career [career as an attorney mentioned in essays]
-DJ 4 yrs
-Competitive Hip Hop Dance Team 2 yrs
-People to People Student Ambassador to Japan
-Sound Editor for Video Yearbook 2 yrs
-Sound Engineer 4yrs
-National Honors Society 1 yr
-NJROTC Company Chief and Fun/Party Officer 4 yrs
-Peer Tutor 1 yr
-Activities Director for SOS Club 1 yr
-Piano [certificate of merit] 5+ yrs
-Mission work with church 3 yrs</p>

<p>My sophomore year grades were terrible and really brought down my overall GPA, but I provided a reason for the drop in my essay as well as in the additional comments.</p>