Chance for UC's, Boston U, etc...

<p>The stats:
Sats: 1750 (520 cr, 620 m, 610 w) Took them again this june (expecting math score in high 600's to 700's) and possibly an 1880?
Gpa: 3.5-3.6
No ap's junior year but physics b, ab calc, stats as a senior
Class rank: 65-86/287 (very competitive class this year)
CT resident
Ec's: Rowing (4 years 3 on varsity) Soccer (1 year) volunteering (50 hrs)</p>

<p>Chance me for:
UW Madison
Boston U
any UC's (esp. david, irvine, la (big reach i know))
UW Seattle
Urbana Champaign


<p>Hey, you could probably get into UC Davis and UC Irvine given your application is strong with great essays. UCLA would be a big reach considering your GPA and extracurricular activities. You still have a chance though. Just give them a reason to accept you. I think you also have a chance to get into Boston. My friend got in this year, and she wasn’t very competitive.</p>

<p>Might want to try ACT</p>

<p><em>Assuming 1880 SAT</em></p>

<p>UW Madison- (Slight Reach)
Boston U- Decent Chance
UW Seattle- e (Slight Reach)
Urbana Champaign- Reach
Northeastern- Big Reach (They want 2050+ SAT)
UConn- Match
Fordham- Decent Chance</p>


<p>thanks!! any other takers</p>

<p>UC Irvine and UConn and Boston you have a good chance in. Try to get your SATs over the 2000s. Also take the SAT lls. You lack ECs a bit. Try doing more community service. :)</p>

<p>thanks again!</p>