Chance for UCs?

<p>For UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCD, UCSB, UCI..!</p>

<p>Northern CA

<p>Academic GPA (10-12): 4.2 W/3.6 UW
Total GPA (9-12): 4.0 W/3.7 UW
Class Rank: 31/442</p>

<p>1 AP Sophmore year; 3 APs Junior year
planning to take 4 APs Senior year</p>

<p>Senior year schedule:
AP Chem
AP Eng Lit
AP Japanese
AP Calc AB

superscore 1800 (do UCs even look at superscore?)
Yeahh I know its kinda low but I'm really shooting for a 2000+ hopefully at least 2100.\
SAT II Chinese: 740
SAT II MATH 2: 640
unfortunately my SAT IIs are way too low... shooting for a 700+ (except for Chinese)</p>

-3 yrs of Track (MVP freshman yr for field events)
-100+ volunteer hrs (hospital, recycling, charity/fundraising events)
-Dance (been dancing ever since I was little and a serious passion of mine)
-Treasurer of school's Recycling club
-Took Abnormal Psych at local CC
-Had 2 Chinese essays published in World Journal (the main newspaper for the Chinese community)
-Doing research for a prof from a prestigious university regarding the bioethics of pharmaceutical companies using certain drugs for diseases (basically whether a drug does more harm than good)</p>

<p>I reeeeeally want to major in Psychobiology (only at UCLA.. and I guess Biopsychology at UCSB), Molecular Toxicology at UCB, and since UCLA UCB are a reach or me.. I guess Microbiology for the rest of the UCs.</p>

<p>Any advice/suggestions/comments are appreciated! I will chance back..!</p>

<p>You're a weak candidate for Berkeley and LA. But apply. You wouldn't know...</p>

<p>Oh I forgot to add that I did Biology tutoring for underclassmen.
And yeah RML its kinda true.. but UCs are soo unpredictable..</p>

<p>Your GPA is okay however your SAT is well below average for UCB and UCLA and below average/slightly below average for UCSB, UCD, and UCI. I would look at applying to UCSC, UCR, and UCM. I think you have a better shot at these than any UC's on your list. UC's look at all "your scores". Try taking the ACT to see if you can get those scores increased in addition to re-taking the SAT. Good luck.</p>

<p>^ Exactly what I had to say.
Chance me please? <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Here are the stats for both Berkeley and LA. Here you can see that there is a noticeable difference on the selectivity level between the two. </p>

<p>UC Berkeley
SAT Reasoning Test scores (25th % 75th percentiles) </p>

<p>Math: 650-770
Writing: 640-750
Reading: 620-740</p>

<p>Average unweighted GPA 3.93
Average weighted GPA 4.39</p>

Mathematics 600 - 730
Writing 580 - 700
Critical Reading 570 - 680</p>

<p>Freshmen HS GPA (5-point scale) 4.11 - 3.40</p>