Chance for UGA ED

UGA is currently my dream college but how competitive it is is getting me on edge.

Intended Major: Animal Health

Instate - GA
Black F
Income >$100k
GPA W: 4.19
GPA UW: 3.95
SAT: 1200 SAT SS: 1210
7 AP Classes (Lang, Bio, World and US History, Calc AB, Macro)
5 on Lang, 4 on US, 2 on Bio
Rank - not sure, but in top 10% of school
UGA GPA: no idea
Extracurriculars: Summer environmental internship, swim team manager, JV Soccer, Communications intern for non-profit animal organization, two years of weekly volunteer work at local wildlife rehabilitation center, TSA (represented GA in national competition after winning at state), part-time job at daycare

Essays: Writing them now so no way to gauge, but hopefully they’re above average

I know my SAT is lower my thankfully my GPA is higher than the average top percent of UGA, so hoping it won’t hurt me too much :slight_smile:

Your stats and grades are competitive and UGA has a 50% admissions rate, so it’s about 50/50. Just be sure to put down a couple safety schools on your list just in case.

Your GPA is within the range of the accepted student profile for admitted Freshmen this past year, but your SAT is currently below the 25th percentile (SAT Middle-50% of Admitted First-Year Students: 1300-1460).

I’d suggest taking it again as they’ll accept scores scheduled to be delivered to UGA admissions from CollegeBoard before October 15th (ie - I believe they’ll accept the October 4th scores even if the results aren’t available until after the October 15th EA deadline…but call admissions to confirm).

Good Luck!

Hi, I have similar stats Instate Black F, 1230 SAT (seriously considering retaking it) but my recalculated GPA is like right at the middle 50%, and leadership in a couple EC’s . I’m super nervous but I’ve been told from other admitted students with similar stats that they were admitted :smile: Also is that you’re recalculated UGA GPA? Good luck!