Chance for Upenn ED CAS please :)

<p>Senior in Western Canada, applying for CAS (Communication).</p>

<p>SAT: 2260 second try
SAT 2's: took Bio and Math 2 this month, hopefully around 750
AP: Bio, Macro and Microeconomics 4, Psychology 5
GPA: 4</p>

-Student Government - Gr 8 to 12, elected as President this year
-Student Ambassador - Gr 11 to 12, help new students to the school become acquainted
-Marketing/Sales Intern at Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia - Gr 12
-Marketing/Promotions Coordinator for local Public Speaker - Gr 12
-Summer Games reporter - reported, wrote, and published 4 articles for provincial "Olympics" - Gr 11
-School Board Contributor - give ideas and input to school board from student's point of view - Gr 11
-Debate team senior member Gr 11
-Humanitarian club member - a lot of volunteering Gr 10 to 12
-Teen mentor - be friends to troubled elementary school children - Gr 10</p>

11th Grade Top student
10th Grade Principal's Award recipient
CFGL Essay Competition National Level Award
Honor Roll student for every semester of high school
AP Scholar with Honors</p>


<p>pretty good chance! the 2260 will help out a lot</p>