Chance for UT Austin CAP/PACE?

<p>I'm currently a Junior attending a fairly competitive Texas high school. I'll be applying for UT Austin but not at all expecting to get in, being that I'm only about top 25%. My GPA and rank are due primarily to pitfalls in my Freshman and Sophomore year, having moved from Nevada, which lacked many AP classes and EC opportunities, dealing with the move and depression, etc. But I am making great strides in my Junior year and will be making even greater strides with a lot of EC's and volunteering and a very rigorous schedule in my senior year, if improvement over time makes any difference to UT.
I have a 3.4ish UW GPA, and a 4.5ish weighted GPA.
Not many EC's as of yet, in a Computer Science Honor Society, and have applied to NHS, but am inquiring about further volunteering and taking more initiative over summer.
Taking the SAT within the month, but my PSAT score was 195 (60 CR, 61 Math, 68 Writing) and I expect to do better. But writing was my strongest and I know universities often only consider CR+Math.
I'd be seeking admission into either the School of Liberal Arts for Political Science or Economics, or the College of Natural Sciences for either Physics or Computer Science.
I'm becoming a very strong student, but I'm afraid that my Freshman and Sophomore years are going to keep me from making it into either CAP or PACE! I'd be able to handle the workload at UTSA/ACC and UT no problem, but my initial goal is to at least make either of those two programs.</p>