Chance for UVA, Clemson, or Navy and reccomendations for further schools

<p>The three main colleges I have been looking at are Navy, Clemson, and UVA. I'm not very confident I will be able to get into UVA with my SATs. The main thing I am looking for in a college is a decent engineering program. I dont want to go to MIT or nothin. I also want to go to college on an ROTC scholarship. Not sure which branch. It might help that my dad was a captain in the Navy and my sister graduated from Virginia. Please tell me my chances and reccomend any other engineering schools.</p>

<p>Here are my stats:</p>

<p>Grade 8
Algebra1 95
French1 92</p>

<p>Grade 9
H. English1 92
H. Physical Science 92
H Global Studies1 88
PE 100
French2 86
H Computer Science 89
H Algebra2 97</p>

<p>Grade 10
H English 2 93
H Bio 93
H Global Studies2 93
H French3 89
H Geometry 97
H Precal 94
Pren Engineering 96</p>

<p>Grade 11 (1st semester grades)
H English3 91
H Chemistry 95
AP US 91
H Theory of Knowledge 88
Principles of Engineering 96
H French4 85
AP Calculas(AB) 91</p>

<p>Grade 12 (What i'm registering for)
AP Physics
AP Calculas (BC)
AP Macroeconomics/ AP Gov
H english4
H French5</p>

<p>GPA 4.0 scale W/ Honors weighted: 4.3256
I Go to Academic Magnet High School in North Carleston South Carolina. I am 41 in a class of 145. At AMHS I have to complete a 5 chapter Senior Thesis over the span of 1 year. Mine is on harnessing tidal energy in Charleston.</p>

580 CR
660 Math
580 Writing
These were really bad. I hope to get over 1300 next time. I'm confident I can. I know I will do better in math and ill just have to work on my reading skills.</p>

-Hopefully will be eagle scout by the time apllication begins
-4 year varsity baseball (senior captain)
-4 year varsity wrestling (senior captain)
-over 90 hours of community service
-will probebly have a summer job</p>