chance for vassar? will chance back asap(:

<p>i'll be applying RD!
race: asian/white
location: NJ
school: public, very competitive
major: undecided
SAT 1:2060 (math/cr/w) 640/690/730 (2 seatings)
SAT 2 (no studying): Lit-670
Math 1-630
(1 seating)
Class rank: 36/404 (top 9%)
weighted GPA=3.9
junior year: AP Language (5), Honors spanish 4, adv precalc, honors bio, honors wind ensemble, honors u.s. history, accounting
senior year: AP psych, AP euro, AP lit, honors calc, honors wind ensemble, sociology </p>

varsity winter track 10-11 (i explain why i stopped running in my essay, it's a valid reason)
varsity spring track 9-11
key club 9-12
interact club 10
varsity club and S.A.D.D. club 11-12
NHS- 11-12 (i don't think we have any others besides art)
worked this past summer at a snack bar (seasonal)
volunteer for track special olympics
relay for life- participated on team and raised money 9&11
created and ran team 10
will probably participate 12 but it's in june so it won't affect anything
co-founded and co-leader of a chapter of the international organization Project HEAL (established chapter at my school, we hold multiple fundraising events a year, give assemblies, advertise, organize meetings etc.)
coordinated a NEDA Walk in october (raised over $18,000 and climbing), giving assemblies at local schools in the coming months, planning other various events
i've been volunteering for a local youth band since 2007, i mentor the students and help them with their music.</p>

4 years of Honors Wind Ensemble (1st chair saxophone) at my school
have almost always taken most rigorous courses (exception: math junior year/sr. year)
my school isnt offering AP Spanish 5 this year and i took high school spanish 1in 8th grade, so i mean technically i have 4 years of high school level spanish and they'll be understanding hopefully. (also, may be in spanish honor society? i'm not sure because of the cancelled spanish this year how it will work)
recommendations: honors u.s. history 2 (high, he told me he wants to clone me)
Honors english 2/a.p. lang/ supervisor in HEAL (likely amazing)
common app essay: 9 i talk about my previous struggles w disordered eating and how i overcame those challenges and created HEAL
supplement essays: 7-8 haven't written yet but they'll be fine</p>

<p>Your SAT score is barely above the 25% level of accepted students, and your weighted GPA is good but not stellar; also, your class rank is good but not stellar. I know that some ED applicants with stats better than yours were denied or deferred. I definitely think Vassar is a high reach for you. I suppose if I had to guess, I would guess you will be denied. BUT, you ARE within the 25-75 SAT range, and Vassar does say that the “average” Vassar student is in the top 10% of their class, so with your ECs and if your essays are great, you definitely have a chance. Good luck!</p>

<p>I think your SAT scores are a bit on the lower side but you have good ECs. Considering you are applying ED, I would say it’s a low reach. If you want a better chance, you should apply ED2. Chance back?
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<p>chanced back! (finally). i actually changed my decision to ed II anyway.</p>