Chance for Yale, thx!

<p>Gender: Female
International Student
Prospective major: Physics</p>

<p>TOEFL: 116
SAT: 2300 (superscore)
SAT2: phys 800;chem 800;math II 800
AP: Calculus BC, Calculus AB subscore, macroeco, microeco, all 5s</p>

State Honor Student 5yrs
Chem contest, 3rd place, regional
Writing contest, 3rd place, national
English contest, 3rd place, national
Mathematic modeling contest, Meritorious, regional
Research Science Institue (RSI) top 5 paper award
Yale Model United Nation, Honorable Mention
Popular science, 2nd place, regional
Piano, level 7 (out of 10)</p>

president of student council
president of school journalist club
class president 6yrs
chief editor of 2 school magazines
key member of sch MUN club
key member of sch Roots and Shoots organization
lab research experience
volunteer work (300 hrs)
community service at nursing house
no job experience</p>

<p>Recom.: one recom. from my mentor during my lab research experience</p>

<p>School list: REA:Yale
RD: Mit, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, UChicago
Duke, UC Berkeley, Cornell, Northwestern, Georgetown
Bowdoin, Vasaar, UIUC</p>

<p>May you please chance me for the Yale's REA, and provide advice for my school list (is it imbalanced? too many top schs? too many schs?) Many thanks!</p>

<p>Yeah it's SCEA not REA, but whatever. You definitely have great score within Yale's range and your EC's are pretty good. Just stats wise you seem to have a decent shot at yale, I don't know what cummingham is talking about :) But Yale has such a low acceptance rate, that it is a complete crapshoot for even the best applicants. You need to stick out with a unique essay or have a glowing recommendation to catch there attention, since there will be many applicants with stats similar to or even better then yours. The competition between internationals is stiff, but don't let this discourage you, and do you best on the subjective parts of your app so you can show Yale that you are unique. Also I would suggest adding more low reach safeties, that you would be happy to attend. All the schools on your list are top-notch, and since international admissions is tough at all these schools, you could end up with just your safeties like UIUC. That's just a suggestion, but depending on the competition, you have a decent shot at the ivies, and a good shot at all the other schools on your list.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for your wonderful suggestions! :)</p>

<p>yea, sorry, thank you for reminding, cummingham, it's SCEA. I shall correct it.</p>

<p>mainland China</p>