Chance/help me decide on a LAC!

<p>So I have already applied and been accepted to some state schools in NC and was just want to apply to a few more small OOS private colleges. So if you could chance me or make some suggestions based off the ones I am already interested in that would be great. Im probably only going to apply to 2 out of the ones im listed due to the amount of schools i've already applied to, apps get expensive, haha</p>

<p>My Stats (I know there not the best, but they are within range for most of these schools i think?)
28 ACT
3.4 unweighted
3.9 weighted
-Captain and varsity letter in Cross country along with most improved, All conference, Coaches award, state qualifier and all area
-Captain and varsity letter in track
-2 years of internship experience in the field of networking
-Created a small business
-Running club mentor
-National Honor Society
-Foregin Exchange student
-Highway clean ups</p>

<p>Colleges im interested in (im applying to Richmond for sure and it wont count as 1 of the 2)
-Holy Cross</p>

<p>Also meeting 100% of my need is important, i know Bucknell and Lafayette are like 95%, so is there much of a difference between that and 100%? Thanks! :)</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>

<p>bump bump bump</p>


<p>What do you want to study? If you like writing, you might give Hamilton a shot as they are known for incorporating writing into all aspects of the curriculum, while for engineering Lafayette and Bucknell have good programs. As far as the school closest to Richmond, I would say Holy Cross and Trinity in terms of city location and size.</p>

<p>Holy Cross has January 15th application due date and has a great campus only 1 hour from Boston.</p>