Chance HPYS, UPenn, MIT?

<p>Schools Applying:
ED Yale
Rest of Ivies
Some safeties</p>

<p>Ethnicity: Indian</p>

<p>GPA: 4.00 UW, 7.00 W
Rank: 1/480ish</p>

<p>PSAT: 239
SAT I: 740 CR, 740 W, 800 M, 2280 overall (should I retake it?)
Chemistry 800
Bio M 730 (Is it worth retaking it?)
Math II 800
Physics 780</p>

<p>AP Tests: 5 Calculus BC, 5 Statistics, 5 Language/Composition, 5 Chemistry. AP Scholar with Distinction.</p>

<p>Overall Course Rigor: Most rigorous
Senior Year Course Load:
Biology 2AP
Research in Science H (basically a course that allows you to do out of school research: see more below)
English Lit 4AP
Multivariable Calculus H (I think it counts as H)
French 5AP
World History AP</p>

<p>Leadership Experience:
[<em>]Secretary of School Key Club
[</em>]Secretary of School Math Team
[list][<em>]Placed at Lehigh University Math Competition, Princeton University Math Competition
[</em>]Ranked third in school on math team
[<em>]Founder/President of Computer Science Club (we compete)
[</em>]Invited to a special student conference where we discussed town policy with the mayor and gave our suggestions for new policies; had one of my ideas passed into law! (so cool)
[<em>]Founder/President of Table Tennis Club (I like ping pong!)
[</em>]Contributing Organizer of North-South Foundation fundraisers and events. North-South
foundation gives scholarships to needy but deserving students in India.
[li]Founding member and teacher at South Jersey Tamil Association; a regional association that aims to help Indian children stay in touch with their culture by teaching them about religion and Tamil, an Indian language.[/li][/list]</p>

[<em>]Various things through Key Club; nothing specific here
[</em>]Volunteer at North-South Events mentioned earlier
[<em>]Volunteer at Bridge Tutoring; tutor middle school students for ~3 hours twice a week
[</em>]Youth Group: Travel to downtown Philly every Saturday to distribute Care Packages that consist of sandwiches, toothbrushes, other necessities.
[<em>]Volunteer and help at Temple
[</em>]For the last 3 summers, volunteered at an elementary school to assist autistic kids with their summer school

Have done research at labs for the past two summers (as long as I've met the age requirement) on nanotechnology.
Regional Level
[ul] First Place; Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
[<em>] Full Scholarship to local county college; Grade 11
[ul]Tri-State Level (NJ, MD, PA, DE)
[</em>]Honorable Mention Medal; Grade 9, 10
[<em>] Second Place Medal; Grade 11
[</em>] Nanotechnology Education Project Award Winner; Grade 11
[<em>] UPenn NANO/BIO Interface Center Award Winner; Grade 11
[</em>] NanoDay Competition held at UPenn (haven't got results of this back); Grade 11
[<em>] $40,000 University of Sciences Scholarship; Grade 11
[</em>] Honored by Town Mayor for achievements in research
[li]Participating in Intel Talent Search[/li][/ul]</p>

Other than what I've already mentioned,
1.5 month Computer Science/Discrete Mathematics Course at Princeton University</p>

Research, but wasn't an internship, so not sure if it counts.</p>

[<em>] Violin I in school orchestra
[</em>] State Level Piano Guild 7 years
[li] MTNA Award Winner 4 times [/li][/ul]</p>

<p>In school stuff:
[<em>]Cum Laude Society
[</em>] Regional and State Science Olympiad Winner
[<em>]Top 10% individual in NJ Biology League, top 10 schools; Grade 10
[</em>]School team for NJ Physics League, top 10 schools; Grade 11
[<em>]JV Tennis; Grades 9, 10, 11
[</em>]National French Contest Regional Winner
[<em>]Chemistry Society
[</em>]Model UN: Multiple Best Delegate, Best Position Paper, Best Novice Awards.
[<em>]JV Debate-Team had most wins in league that season; Grade 10 (didn't really like it)
[</em>]DECA - Competed at state level; Grade 9

Sending the 19 page paper I wrote up during research along with a supplemental recommendation from my mentor.</p>

<p>Thanks everybody!</p>

<p>You are applying to all the ivies...thats ridiculous.</p>

<p>bump thread</p>

<p>bump thread :(</p>

<p>WOW. I feel because of your research, you have a much better chance at MIT and Cornell than the other schools. but ti's so hard to chance these people wanting to go to Ivies...</p>

<p>chance another indian back? haha <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>last bump for the night D:</p>

<p>you are ranked 1 in your HS i think that will help A LOT..</p>

<p>Your profile is amazingly strong. Just write some killer essays. Let your passion out and show in your writing. Right now, everything boils down to how you manage your essays and whether you can give voice to it or not. While many might have profiles like yours, only strong essays will make you set apart. Oh and don't forget to get equally good teache recs as well.</p>

<p>I am a senior just like you and I believe none of us here are admission experts and can really evaluate your chances at these super reach places. So good luck! :)</p>

<p>Also no need to retake SATs. You have reached a point where SAT scores will neither make or break you.</p>

<p>Quite impressive ! I agree, retaking SAT is not necessary. Now you just need super recommendations and a stellar essay. Good luck.</p>

<p>HYPSM: Reach (less than 5% acceptance rate if you are an unhooked applicant)</p>

<p>Columbia, Penn, Dartmouth, Brown, Duke: Reach (less than 10% acceptance rate if you are an unhooked applicant)</p>

<p>Cornell, JHU, NW: Decent Chances</p>

<p>You might get into some of them. However, most of those colleges are reach schools for everybody.</p>

<p>Yale is EA.</p>

<p>Duke is definitely not a reach. HYPSM are reaches but you have good chances because of your good ECs and grades, and you probably don't need to retake the SAT (too late now anyway).</p>

<p>Wow... HYP is a low reach. U have a better chance at mit and stanford because of the research. Jhu and cornell are almost safties. And u should get in to duke and the rest of the ivies</p>

<p>Definitely retake the SATs. What are you retarded or something? Can't break 2300? Lol I remember when I was rwelve</p>

<p>What is an unhooked candidate? I am new, like in brand-new to all this!</p>

<p>No need to retake the SAT. And you have as good a shot as any at those schools</p>

<p>I agree...don't bother retaking. You're chances are very good as is</p>