Chance Indian bio education major for Bowdoin ED

-Asian (Indian)
-Very competitive part of the mid-atlantic
-INSANELY competitive school (average SAT score is 1520, the top 25% goes to t20s, other 75% to t50s)
-Kinda low-income (pell-eligible and I meet requirements, but I have food to eat and a house)
-LGBT but idk if that matters lmao I might not even mention it

Intended Major:
Education and biology (I want to be a high school biology teacher)

3.91 UW, 4.37 W, class rank isn’t calculated

1490 (760 Math, 730 EBRW)

800 Bio M, 800 Math 2

5s on Bio, APUSH, Calc AB, and a foreign language

18 honors and 8 APs by the end of senior year

(I don’t wanna give myself away so trying to be un-specific)
-project advocating for changing something education-related
-national level and state level officer positions in a teaching related non-profit
-lead researcher on an education-related project (this was total BS but i can make it sound better than it was lmao)
-president of STEM outreach club
-officer position in another teaching related non-profit
-founded a teaching thing w/library (not a non profit)
-vice president of biology club
-tutored low income students for a non-profit (no officer position which is big sad but 4 hrs almost every week since freshman year)
-internship with a non-profit kinda? focused on education
-internship with an organization to help low-income ppl
-2x intern with non-profit focused on mental health
-secretary of mental health club
-secretary of refugee-helping club
-volunteered as a camp counselor

-College Prep Scholar
-accepted to foreign language program
-3 national foreign language exam awards (two gold, one silver)
-AP scholar with honor
-foreign language honor society

Essays & LORs:
After seeing accepted essays I think mine will be mediocre at best, my LORs are from teachers who had me 2-3 years, but idt they’ll be anything special.

I was accepted to Bowdoin’s fly in program. Historically, 70% of those accepted to the fly in are accepted to Bowdoin, however, this year they accepted more people because it’s online (70 instead of the usual 40-50). So this year probably 40-50% of those accepted to the fly in will be accepted to Bowdoin itself.

What are my chances if I ED to Bowdoin? How badly does my poor SAT score screw me over?

I can’t speak to Bowdoin b/c I didn’t apply, but if you are eligible for Questbridge then APPLY TO QUESTBRIDGE!!! The program makes schools with high sticker prices (like Bowdoin and Brown, where I go,) much, much more affordable, and is a definite boost to your application in the sense that the selection process is selective, so colleges know that Questbridge College Match applicants have strong applications.

Filling out the application will also give you a head start on college applications, which is helpful. :smile:

thank you so much lol but as i mentioned in my post, im a questbridge college prep scholar and am currently working on my ncm application!