<p>Ok so i've updated my stats again and i'm losing my mind....AGAIN!...:)</p>

GPA: 3.48 (UW) 4.01 (W)
Grades are A's and mostly B's. B to A ratio of 3:2 (7 point grade scale)
Class rank: 30/234 (12.8%) (on the Weighted scale) (several students ranked higher have taken much easier courses)
Class rigor is toughest my school has to offer. I've taken/am taking 4 out of the 5 offered AP's (I didn't take Euro and i took AP US Gov. online)
AP USH exam-3
AP American Gov-4</p>

<p>Senior courseload:
1st semester
AP Enviro
Hon. Spanish IV
Hon. Calc AB
Hon. Eng. IV</p>

<p>2nd semester
AP Eng. lit
AP Calc

<p>SAT: 1880
680 M
580 CR
620 W</p>

3 years marching band(had to choose senior year between band and AP ENG lit)
2 years Journalism(does that count if it's a class?)
4 years Varsity Track & field
2 years FCA
2 years H.O.P.E club
2 years spanish club</p>

250 hours 4-H camp
100 hours at local hospital
350 hours at Orphanage in Ethiopia</p>

Instate Black Male
Rockingham county (Very rural)
Parents are immigrants (Ethiopia)
Sister is an alumni
Confident about essays becuase writing is a strength
My counselor tells me i'm one of her best students and i think will write me a good rec.</p>

<p>I'd also like to know my chances at NCSU, Wake and Duke if you don't mind. And also please tell me why you think i would/wouldn't be a good candidate and what i can do to help my chances...and as always, thanks!</p>

I think for NC State you have a really good shot. Your EC's and test scores are slightly better than mine, and I am pretty sure I will be accepted to State. Also, you are minority, think you have strong essays and recommendation letters- all good. What major/college did you put as first and second choice on your app? </p>

<p>For UNC I think you also have a good chance. Not so much as at NC State though. Not sure if your sister being an alumni is a huge plus. Maybe your unweighted GPA is a little low.... however, I get the impression that UNC's admissions take into account more than JUST grades and class rank. I know friends who had better SAT scores and GPA than you and were waitlisted or denied and others who had weaker GPA/SATs and were accepted... so who knows!! </p>

<p>I can't really give an opinion on Wake or Duke because I did not apply or look into either school. However, I think for Duke you would have even more competition than UNC. Good luck! I am waiting anxiously for my NC State and UNC decisions in January along with you.... >.></p>

<p>I know the end of January seriously cannot come fast enough!</p>

<p>I think you have a decent chance at UNC. Coming from a rural area and being a minority will definitely help you. Your GPA is a little low and your EC's aren't outstanding (unless you have leadership positions that you didn't put down). But being in-state does make a huge difference. So good luck!</p>

<p>I can't imagine you not getting into state, as long as you didn't apply to one of the super competitive colleges (not sure which ones are really selective besides design). </p>

<p>I don't know about Wake, but I don't think you have a chance for Duke, no offense. You really need to have close to a 4.0 unweighted, a higher SAT, and good leadership positions. But I promise you don't want to go to Duke anyway!</p>

<p>Thanks Guys!! I'm actually a junior so i still have time to better my chances. I'm not worried about state I just wanted to make sure that it was a good safety. And I don't plan on applying to Duke i was just curious of my chances but i was sure my chances were pretty low so no offense taken. I am just really eager to go to Carolina. But good luck to all you guys! Let me know if you get in!</p>