chance? intl applicant from singapore/philippines

<p>My situation is really.... different. My parents forced me to study in Singapore (SMU) to study business but I was finally able to convince them after several months and they let me apply abroad (emphasized I wanted a liberal arts education), and I'm really vying for the Ivies, since those're probably the schools my parents will let me attend and I've been dreaming of them since the 5th grade. So after dropping out, I started a gap year (still in the middle of it). I'm applying as a freshman. I'll list what I've done below w/ all my other stats. </p>

<p>SAT: 2200+ (I don't remember...)
SAT 2s: 750 Physics 740 Biology 660 Math 2 (i know...)
GPA & Rank: 94/100, 10/265 -> unweighted, counselor said I'd be top 1 or 2 if course load was factored in (I'm from a school that almost never sends students to the States because everyone usually stays in either UP, Ateneo, or DLSU, the top 3 universities in the Philippines)
Course Load: took the most demanding courses throughout all my years; in our school, you can't choose to join the "advanced" classes, you're asked to/invited if they think you can handle it
Awards: consistent 1st honors (around 8-10 people in whole batch usually get this), school award that it almost never gives - it's only given once in a blue moon to the students that the school believes exemplified excellence in everything (counselor reiterated that you get this award by voting process by both students AND teachers; it's a HUGE deal in our school since anyone barely gets this; classes graduate without students ever receiving this kind of award)</p>

<p>ECs: I have a lot, but I focused my passion on public education and public education awareness (since public ed in the Philippines is really, really bad). I'll list my main ones.
- taught and led a summer school for public school students in my community every summer of high school for more than a month, and at least 7 hours a day
- organized a concert featuring professional/amateur performers; got the equivalent of almost $30k in sponsorships from MANY major companies like Pepsi, etc., earned around that much as well in terms of revenue, attended by more than 2k people -> advocacy was initially environmental awareness, but changed it to public education awareness (the theme it still sticks to today), funds help send underprivileged students to my school and, after debating with school admin, provides funds for the summer school of my 1st activity
- directed 3 major school plays throughout my high school
- organized an interschool science competition to raise interest in science among schools in Manila
- organized leadership training seminars for public school students throughout 4 years
- Gawad Kalinga: built houses for destitute members of society around Manila
- photography, couple of awards</p>

<p>Travel (academic related): Beijing for 2 months to learn about Chinese culture and development; served as representative of the whole group of students; Singapore for two weeks for technological and innovative development immersion </p>

<p>Essays: activity about my summer school, main about learning Chinese as a pure Filipino, additional highlighting my special case, all very well written, and I particularly like my main one
Recs: Didn't see 2 teachers, but both said they wrote a lot of good things about me
Counselor rec: VERY GOOD, we're pretty close, highlighted how important my contributions were to the school; School Principal (for the 1st time ever) wrote me a recommendation that was absolutely glowing, said I was best in her 21 years, very ambitious
Interview: N/A</p>

<p>GAP YEAR: (wrote two essays about this, one about lessons from jumping off a plane and one about deciding to go on a gap year + updates on what I've been doing)
Best decision ever by far, although I was extremely reluctant about doing it. I seriously recommend gap years to everyone btw, although mine was kind of spontaneous. You really learn a LOT.
- volunteered in Urdu, Bali; helped build a school, taught children english (could only stay for 30 days due to passport/visa details)
- went around Malaysia, jumped off a plane (parachuting) despite my fear of heights (I know, kinda extreme but I ended up loving it)
- learning French now at Alliance Francaise because it's always interested me
- continue initial school project of teaching origami to the elderly here in Singapore
- continue backpacking around SE Asia; going to volunteer @ the Himalayas come March/April (teaching English)
- took up rowing, shooting (guns), and doing lots of competitive wall climbing
- taking up a job at a marketing firm in the Philippines after the Himalayas </p>

<p>So yeah, do you guys think I have a chance? Any comment would be much appreciated (good/bad/realistic)!</p>

<p>Anyone? Haha</p>

<p>Anyone?? Haha sorry I'm kinda really desperate and new to all this... lol</p>