Chance into UCB

<p>I have posted before, but I want to know how much my chances will increase with these projected improvements in my SAT scores.</p>

<p>Intended Major: Pre-Business
Class percentile: 18 of 401
Unweighted GPA: 3.97
Weighted GPA: 4.194
SAT I: 1500
SAT II: Writing-750
Math 2c-780
Biology E-700</p>

Biology 5
English Language and Composition 3
US History 4</p>

<p>AP courses taking:
Calculus BC
Spanish Language</p>

<p>Self-studying APs:
European History

<p>Community Service: 303 hours</p>

<p>Clubs (year):
Future Business Leaders of America (12)
Engineering Club (11)
Science Club (11)
Scholarship Awareness (12)</p>

Waterpolo (9,10, 12)
Swimming (10, 12)
Japanese school (9, 10)
Shorinji Martial Arts (9, 10)</p>

<p>Some Awards:
Golden State Award Biology, Geometry and Algebra
Most Defensive Player
Who's Who Recognition
National Honor's Society Recognition
High Honor Roll</p>

<p>*Please rate from 1-10, 10 being a guaranteed acceptance and 1 being an impossible reach.</p>

<p>Well, based on the fact that you're from CA and have a very impressive resume, I'd say about an 8 or a 9.</p>

<p>which UC's should i apply to with SAT of 1140 (570 V and M) ?
Iam also part of the ELC program</p>

<p>well...if it were only based on ur SAT scores....davis, merced, riverside, santa cruz, irvine</p>

<p>wat about with the ELC ?</p>

<p>with ELC, im guessing you have a pretty high GPA and class ranking. If you are good at everything else but the SAT scores, UCB and UCLA may accept you because they know that SAT scores arent everything.</p>

<p>I have ELC too. But then again, when you're going for the top UCs, you are going to go against ppl with ELC AND high SAT scores.</p>

<p>I have a 4.32 GPA ranked 4 out of 636 passed all my AP test </p>

<p>AP Euro History 4
AP SPanish Languahe 5
AP Bio 3
AP US History 4
AP English Language 3
and iam an AP Scholar ith distinction
will end up with about 13 AP's when i graduate</p>

<p>hmmm....i would say</p>

<p>ucb: safe reach (if you have a fair amount of EC's)
ucla: "
ucsd: match
all others are safety</p>

<p>btw, it seems as if we are chatting. My AIM is Palaver87 if you want to talk about your chances, but i really want advice for MY stats right now....sry</p>

<p>Don't be a dilhole. Both of you people want your chances and people have told you them. Just apply and see how it goes.</p>

<p>sleepisabliss if you're from califoirnia i'd say a 9
If you're from out of state an 8</p>