Chance low gpa, 25th percentile ACT, average-good ecs

Georgia Tech
Maryland College Park
Virginia Tech
Arizona State

3.6 uw / 4.1 w 32 ACT

I don’t want to put my ecs on here.

My essay is really unique and strong according to my college counselor.

Computer science major, no ED, only EA to publics and REA to Stanford, and RD to private schools.

I can’t chance you because there is so much to your application that I don’t know, but this is a reachy list.

What state do you live in?

What math class do you have senior year?

I assume ASU is your safety, have you already applied? Is ASU affordable?

Is your GPA weighted or UW? You don’t have enough info here. But in general, this list is only going to work if you are instate for one of UIUC, ASU, GT, or UMD. If you are happy to attend one of those schools, are instate for one of those schools, and can afford one of those schools, then you will probably get into one of them, depending on which state you live in. The private reaches I can’t see happening. A good essay isn’t enough. We don’t know anything about your circumstances, ECs, hooks, finances, etc…

I suggest you expand your list to add a few more match schools. That means where your GPA and test scores are above the 50th and ideally above the 75th percentile.

CS is a highly competitive major and your list is very reach-heavy.

UIUC may have a large overall acceptance rate but the accept rate for CS is a fraction of that overall rate. It is a reach for even in-state students for CS.

I agree that you need to expand your list with more true match and safeties.

@Lindagaf I put both unweighted and weighted gpa already. Im out of state everywhere. I’ve been accepted to ASU.

@Mwfan1921 I’m taking IB math hl y2 , calculus right now. i am from tn

@Groundwork2022 well i’m trying to shotgun because I’ve already gotten into my safety and would be happy going there, so thats why my list is reach heavy.

I can’t really find any matches I like. If I find a good match for my ACT, my gpa is too low for it to be match. If I find a good match for my gpa, I don’t really like the school. (not universally, but its been hard finding matches that i like)

no extenuating circumstances, ECs (track, tutoring, building a site similar to craigslist, and more), no hooks unrelated to race/gender, i’m full pay

If you are happy to attend ASU (which is very good for CS) then it’s ok to apply to only reaches. IMO you have very little chance at Stanford, Vandy and UIUC, but again don’t know very much of your app.

If you want some more likely schools that are good for CS maybe take a look at U Dayton, RPI, WPI, Clemson.

Getting into a college and getting the major you want are still two different things. Right now, the only realistic school on the list that could offer both admission and a reasonable assurance of your major is ASU. Plus, there’s SERIOUSLY no benefit to going out of state for a degree like CS. Triple the tuition is a colossal waste of money.

If you can afford an expensive school now, that might not be true in the next 4 years. I recommend seriously looking into your home state.

You’re missing what it takes to get into schools like Stanford, Vandy, et al. I’m referring to an energy that comes through with some kids in both how they describe and what they’ve actually gone after, through high school.

And it’s NOT gpa. (Sheesh, I need a rubber stamp, lately.) It matters what courses were less than A grades. Those in STEM, for you, being the most critical. The cores, not electives in CS. They will look at the transcript, not some cumulative number. Add to that, the 32 is low- and it’s not Composite, they’ll look at the sub-sections.

I doesn’t matter if the essay is “really unique.” (What’s that mean, anyway?) They’re looking for their types, those who fit their wants and expectations- academically, out of class, and down to personal traits. In fact, in many cases, the side things a kid does (blogs, websites, coding projects, other lone wolf things) can appear to be leaning back. It depends- and you chose not to go into detail here. Any STEM activities in hs? Any CS experience outside, beyond the project? In fact, any school clubs/activities besides track? (Tutoring is nice, helpful, but not the same sort of engagement.)

Reevaluate your transcript with STEM grades and other cores. See if there’s a more committed (and enthusiastic) way to phrase all this. Try to get an idea of what those colleges do like. Then see if the decision is easier.

@ubviolgufvwrb If you’re from TN, I assume UTK is on your list. (?) Look at UNC Charlotte, great (and continually growing) CS department, beautiful city with lots to do, and as a finance and tech hub there are a lot of opportunities for internships/jobs