Chance M Syracuse University Newhouse

Senior applying to 12 schools, but currently just curious about SU Newhouse. I’m applying for TRF.

Also, I did have an interview and I believe it went well.

Unweighted/ Weighted GPA (4.0 scale): 3.56 / 3. 67
SAT Score (old): 1960 or 2010 composite (R:680 M:640 W:690)
SAT Subject Tests: LIT: 620 / U.S. History: 660
ACT: did not take
AP Scores: Gov 4 / U.S. History 4 / Lang 5
Rank: school does not rank

Senior course load:
AP Eng Lit
Ap Studio Art (2d)
Global Issues Studies
STEM Ethics
Spanish V
World Religions
Creative Writing (Semester 2)

Honor Roll: 9th and 10th
National Spanish Exam: Bronze (9th) Honors (10th)

Lacrosse (9th)
Swim school/ club (9th 10th 11th)
Yoga club (9th)
Science club (10th)
Astronomy club (11th 12th)
Preservation, Conservation, Sustainability club (11th 12th)
Spirit Day Banner Committee (9th 11th 12th)
Created artwork for school program (10th)
University of Arts PreCollege Class: Documentary (12th)
Girls Take Charge Leadership Conference (10th)

Job/Work Experience:
local Ice Cream shop from Spring of Sophomore year to October of Junior year
babysitting everyday after entirety of senior year

Volunteer/Community service:
Volunteer at Elementary school in Philly (11th)
Volunteer at women’s center in Philly, preschool department (12th)
Volunteer at local horse show serving customers (9th, 10th, 11th)

Summer Activities:
International Campers Exchange Program (10th): Went to Germany for a month. Spent a week with a family, a week touring, and two weeks at an international camp.
Counselor in Training (11th): at camp I’ve been attending for 10 years
Junior Counselor (12th): same camp // also this is a volunteer position
iCan Bike Camp (9th, 10th, 11th): Camp where you help teach special needs kids how to ride a bike. Volunteer position. Also was a student leader in 11th.


Applied for Financial Aid?: No
Intended Major: Television Radio & Film
State (if domestic applicant): Pennsylvania
School Type: Small Private (grade of 92)
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female

@CathJR To be honest your stats seem pretty amazing! I don’t know exactly how they judge you based on your extracurriculars but Im also applying to Newhouse for Public Relations and they are looking for 3.9 and 1330 new SAT!! Good luck to you

Applying ED II

1st Choice: Newhouse/Whitman
2nd Choice: Whitman
3rd Choice: CAS


SAT: Combined 1220 (R630, M590) I think they are pretty low
UW GPA: 3.7
AP Classes: This year… Calculus, English Lit, Government and Politics
Honors: Economics ( 2nd semester)
Rank: 53/ 394


  • 2 Year acting conservatory at Stella Adler Studio of Acting
  • Mentoring Program at McGarryBowen Advertising Agency in NYC recently
  • Book Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Ambassador for my school and homerooms
  • Published collaboration book with classmates
  • College Now (psychology, computer science, and media)
  • Volunteering at Food Bank NYC

Essays + Letters of Rec:

1: English Teacher
2. Math Teacher
3. Lawyer
*** Also took and interview at Lubin House. Went well and his face lit up any time I seemed so in love with Syracuse ( which I am) and I was very descriptive and talked mostly about the campus, the academics, and if I felt that I fit in whenever I was talking about SU and then mostly about my academics and extracurriculars now in HS

From NYC
Public School
African American
Need financial assistance

Also applying:

Boston University
Northeastern University
University of Massachusetts- Amherst