Chance Me 2025 T20 and some Ivies

Hello! I’m new here and I never posted anything here before, but my sister said that this was a good place to get a gauge of my chances at some of the schools I applied to, so here are my stats! (Some of my stuff is vague for privacy reasons: honestly I’m just really paranoid that people will figure out who I am. :sweat_smile:)
Demographic: Asian/White, US citizen, Public School, No legacy
Background: My parents are separated, and I live with my dad. Eligible for fincianal wavier. Both parents are immigrants (Dad never went to college, mom did)

GPA: 98.5/100 (Weighted): 96.4/100 (Unweighted)
Class Rank: 19 of 390
Applied test-optional (SAT got canceled three times)
AP Exams: United States History (5), Language (5), European History (Self-studied) (4), Biology (3)
Major Interest: Classics/ International Relations

National Latin Exam - Gold Medal (Summa cum laude) (9th & 10th), Silver Medal (11th)
National Roman Civilization - Bronze Medal (11th)
Medusa Mythology Exam - Silver Medal (9th)
National Mythology Exam - Bronze Medal (11th)
Various local, state art awards

I also published some artwork and got various awards at my state’s Latin convention such as 1st in Latin Oratory.

Latin Club President
State Board Latin League Position
National Art Honors Society
English Tutor
National Honors Society Treasurer
Model UN Chair
(Latin quiz bowl (To be honest my team kind of switches who’s team captain based on who has the best wifi that day :sweat_smile:)
State HOBY Junior Staff
A competitive program in my state
(has a 15% admission rate, and it was very informative and exciting! I can be recognized though if I put down the name so I’ll just call it a competitive program)
Social Justice Club Secretary
Family responsibilities
(I mostly just look after my younger sister, cook food for my family, and other household responsibilities)

Side note: I got deferred from Harvard which was expected. I applied to other schools like Stanford, NYU, Northwestern, and Cornell though so I hope to get in, but I don’t really know. Let me know your opinions and thank you for your time! I also applied to my state school and other safety schools too so I should be good! :grin:

Congratulations on what you’ve done so far - whatever happens, you can be proud of your accomplishments so far.

In any case, you are likely competitive, but reaches are reaches. Offhand, without seeing your entire list, I would predict that you would have a good chance at a couple of admissions to reaches and most matches,

However, can you afford them? NYU is notoriously stingy with financial support, so it is unlikely that you will be able to afford NYU. Stanford is unlikely - it has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard. Northwestern or Cornell are possible, but what other reach/match colleges are on your list, and did you apply for any Liberal Arts Colleges?

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Thank you so much! That’s very kind of you to say! :relaxed:

And I’m so dumb! I didn’t know that! I applied to NYU because I really liked the campus so that’s unfortunate. :disappointed: And yeah, I found out about Stanford’s admission rate a little too late…

I applied to my local community college, Drexel, Boston University, Rutgers, Penn State, and Colby, Colgate, Vanderbilt, and Dartmouth. I was scared to apply to the more prestigious schools, but I was under the impression that they would be more generous with their financial aid. I was accepted into the community college though so at least I’m going to college if everyone else rejects me! :grin:

I received some scholarships though and got a job to help with finances. Like, it’s probably not enough to cover everything, but it’s a step in the right direction (I hope)! Let me know though if you know of any good scholarships!

And thank you so much for your response and insight! I greatly appreciate it!!