Chance Me 2025

NJ Bergen County
GPA 3.6
ACT Super score 28
SAT 1280
AP Computer Science, AP Economics
Only Advance PreCalc, Honors Physics
NO AP Classes in Senior year besides AP Comp Sci
My School is tough couldn’t get into AP other classes
Extra Circular: 4-years High School robotics program FTC lead programmer, Takewondo black belt (8 years), Music Signing Vocal 5years Indian both classical and Bollywood, Town Go Green Volunteer for 2 years

What are my chances for Computer science / Computer Engineering or Business any recommendations, Planning to apply EA

Is that your weighted or unweighted GPA? Either way, Drexel should be a good match for you. You shouldn’t have a problem getting in.

actually I got a better SAT 1330 maths 720 and ER 610 , our school does only Weighted gpa
Do I have any chances for scholarships for Cs ?