Chance Me 2026 T50


  • Florida
  • Large public high school (somewhat competitive)
  • Female/Black
  • Don’t know if this counts as legacy but cousin and aunt both went to NYU and NYU med school

Intended Major(s) Poli Sci, Economics

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 3.7
  • Weighted HS GPA : 4.7
  • Class Rank: 50ish/900
  • ACT/SAT Scores: 1420

Aice psychology, Aice Pre Calc, Aice International History, Aice Thinking skills, Aice general paper, Aice English language, Ap Biology(3), Aice Global perspectives (9-10th grade)

Ap stats, Ap environment, Apush, Ap capstone seminar, Dual English Lit (11th)

Ap micro/ Gov, Ap Spanish Lang, Ap Research, Women’s studies Honors (12th??)

Philosophy honors, 4 years of Spanish honors

Took 3 high school math classes, high school Biology and Spanish in middle school

None ig I don’t think my school does award stuff
Job at chipotle
Gifted camp counselor
Black Student Union secretary (running for Vice President)
Wildlife conservation club historian (running for Vice President)
Law club
Feminist club Secretary
Campaign internship for candidate in Brooklyn (used to live there)
Political and Social commentary Podcast 10k listens so far
Thinking of starting a Youth Advisory council for my town
About 100 service hours

Cost Constraints / Budget
Not a big issue

Not a huge list looking for some recommendations
Northeastern, Boston university, Emory

I would at UF and Fla State to your list. Do you want to be in a city? Schools in DC are typically great for PolySci (George Washington, American). How about NY? Fordham, Pace, Manhattan College

Yeah i feel definitely want to be in a more urban area. I don’t really care about the typical “college experience”.