Chance Me? 6 UCs, Cal Poly SLO, SJSU

I’m a white male and a resident of California and I applied to UC Santa Cruz, UC Los Angeles, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, Calpoly San Luis Obispo, and San Jose State University.

I declared my major as computer science for all of these schools and my second major as computer engineering.
My GPA (10 - 12 Weighted) is 4.09 and (10 - 12 Unweighted) is about 3.81.
My AP scores are: AP Calc AB - 3, AP Lang - 3, and AP Physics - 2 and I reported all of these scores. I’m also taking 3 APs this year.
My first SAT was 1670, my second was 1810, and my third and most recent is 1960 and I reported all of these scores.

President of Leos Club
President of Science Club
NHS tutor
DPS rescue ( dog rescue volunteer)
Youth Group community service coordinator - for teens in California (regionally)
Youth Group community service coordinator - for teens in San Jose (locally)
Treasurer of Interact Club

My essays are pretty strong and if the colleges ask for letters of recommendations I can send those.

What I’m asking is how strong are my chances of getting into these schools and what other good schools should I apply to in order to have more safeties / reaches.

Thank you.

What is your SAT beakdown? Weighted GPA is your UC GPA?

UC gpa is 4.0909 and my SAT was
1st time: CR - 540 Math - 650 Writing - 480
2nd time: CR - 600 Math - 650 Writing - 560
3rd time: CR - 650 Math - 670 Writing - 650

UCD/UCSB: High Match
UCSD/SLO: Low Reach
UCLA: Reach