Chance me? ACC Transfer Student to UT Austin CNS

Hi, I recently received my Associates of Science Degree in biology at ACC and I just want to see what my chances are for getting into UT CNS.

I have a 3.6 GPA, good essays, and a thorough extended resume. My main concern is that I’ve seen the transfer statistics and on average, GPA’s for CNS are typically a 3.8. I’ve also heard that you are not really a “priority” if you have surpassed 60 credit hours. I spoke to a UT advisor about this and they said I should be good as long as I can complete my degree at UT with 60 hours on campus, which I can, but I’m worried they’ll just see my application and not consider me because of not staying under. It’s just that I was required to take a few dual credit courses that weren’t on my degree plan for HS and that’s why my credit hours are a bit over. I currently have 70 total hours.

Any advice, tips, or thoughts would be awesome.