Chance Me- Advice Welcomed

Hey Guys,
I titled the thread this way, because I’m seeking advice. I know some people put a lot of emphasis on test scores here and do really well in them, but that’s not the case for me. I have taken them two times (studied hard and utilized tutors) and while I didn’t do horribly on them, (I got a 630 on my EBWR for context), I wouldn’t call testing my strong suit like others can enough to want to send them to certain schools. I attend a very small private school on the Northeast and have taken what I can for advanced classes (I’ve taken 10 honors classes so far, my school works a bit differently with AP classes, not everyone is allowed the opportunity to get tested into them) and my GPA to date hasn’t gotten below a 3.55 UW. I’m looking at Marist College, Saint Joseph’s University, Providence College, University of Scranton, and Bryant University as my main schools. I plan not to submit my test scores only because I feel my GPA on the rise as well as my essay and recommendations will be a much better reflection of who I am as an individual. I want to major in business (marketing specifically), and I’ve gotten involved in many extracurriculars I’m passionate about. I’ve been on my school’s newspaper all four years, elected onto my student council for two years, a couple of business classes (we created business ideas and presented them to investors), two internships (one helping a fashion designer manage her business, the other being administrative work for a nonprofit), I’ve volunteered at a local church for six years doing fundraising, at a senior citizen’s home, been published in my school’s literary magazine, and I’m on my school’s yearbook. I’m starting my job soon as well. I try to get involved in things I’m passionate about, but I also love giving back. I’m calling this a ‘Chance Me’, because I want to hear what you guys have to say about the schools on my list. Feel free to respond if you have any advice or suggestions (i.e. schools you think I should be looking at) and I’m open to answering any questions. Thanks!

Hi! I would definitely check out Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. I’m currently a senior at Marist and have loved every second of my experience. Marist is a test optional school that values your involvement in extra-curriculars just as much as your experiences in the classroom. At Marist, there is a wonderful Marketing major under the School of Business and I see you’re interested in fashion as well! Marist has a unique fashion program where many Marketing majors have minors in Fashion or vice versa.

If you go to this link, all information on visiting Marist is available to you! You can sit in on an information/tour and chat with an Admissions counselor or live a day-in-the-life by shadowing a current Marist student who is majoring in your interest!