Chance me? And Dorm Recommendations?

<p>I'm about to go crazy with anxiety waiting for the 10th. Anyways. I have a 4.4 weighted/3.7 unweighted GPA. I'm #2 in my class even though there's only about 70 kids. I might slide into the #1 spot by the end of the semester. We're neck and neck. I got an 1850 on the SAT. I go to an Early College High School and will have completed 60 college credits by the time I graduate. I'm involved in a lot of clubs and have been President of our school's honors club (BETA club) for two years. I also volunteer a lot. And my essay was kick ass. My dad lives in Gainesville so I'll have residency and everything seems just right but.. I'm still so so so worried. Hhiduhfiudg.</p>

<p>And my first choice for a dorm right now is Beaty Towers. I like the idea of only having to share a bathroom with three people instead of forty. I know the rooms are small but I really don't mind that much. And I've heard you can bunk the beds and that makes more space. I like that it's only 10 minutes' walk to the Reitz, too. So anyone who's lived there, what was your experience like? Or if you have other suggestions, they are welcome. I'm just looking for a fun, relatively clean dorm with central air conditioning - haha.</p>

<p>I think you have a great shot! I'm currently in Jennings which is right next to Beaty and I love it! It has a window AC unit but it sure does get cold in here, so I wouldn't be concerned with that factor. It was recently renovated so it has modern furniture everywhere with flat screen tv's in the kitchens and the bathrooms have automatic toilets and it really isn't that bad sharing with other people. There's usually no more than 5 people in the bathroom at once. Beaty is nice too but it's more private if you like that.</p>

<p>I live in Beaty and it's nice. I do my own shopping so it is very convenient to have a kitchen. The bathroom is a plus since it's private but the quality of it is not so good; nonetheless, I'd take it over the communal ones. It's more quiet and private here than the other dorms which can be a good or bad thing depending on you.</p>

<p>Obviously you're going to get in if you're #2. Check out Windsor Hall too. It's privately owned so it cost less but it's next to UF classes and they have bathrooms attached to every dorm... that's where I lived when I was a freshman.. it was nicer than Beaty...but seriously, #2? What are you getting yourself worried about? Go Gators!</p>