Chance me and I'll chance you back.

<p>Incoming Senior. After you chance me, post the link to your thread and I'll chance you.</p>

<p>Colleges I'm applying to:
UC Berkley
Washington University in St. Louis
Johns Hopkins
Northwestern University
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Pomona College</p>

Unweighted GPA: 3.67
Weighted GPA: 3.86
SAT I: **1890 (Taking it again in October and November)

Biology: 770
Chemistry: 740
Math IIC: 700
AP Scores:
Biology: 5
Chemistry: 4
US History: tba
English Language and Composition: tba
Calculus AB: tba
Physics B: tba</p>

- Took all regular courses Freshman year, but I took the SAT and AP test for Biology.
- Took one honors courses Sophmore year, but I took the SAT and AP test for Chemistry.
- Took four AP courses Junior Year, taking the SAT I, SAT II for math IIc, and the four tba AP tests.
- Planning on taking four more AP courses and the SAT I in October and November.</p>

- 1 year of Cross Country (6 medals and a soph/frosh Letter)
- 2 years of Track and Field (2 soph/frosh Letters)
- Member of the school Orchestra since 5th grade
- 100+ Hours of Hospital Volunteering
Possibly/Hoping For:
- Small Club Officer (Possibly)
- Homeless Shelter Helping Club President (The name of the club's still being decided)</p>

<p>Recommendation Letters:
- Possibly a Strong recommendation from my AP English Teacher
- Possibly a Medium/Strong Recommendation from my AP Calculus Teacher</p>

<p>Everything is solid except your SAT I. You may want more safeties, even if your SAT scores do improve as expected.</p>

<p>Post Here</p>

<p>Jlee, there is not a single safety school on this list. While UCI and Michagan are just small reaches, Washington U, Pomona, NU, JHU and the top UCs are enormous reaches. With mid tier UCs having averages of about 4.0/1870, you need to choose some lower UCs, CSUs and affordabe private colleges you are in range for as match and safety schools.</p>

<p>I also forgot to add that I was on Science Olympiad this year and most likely next year as well.</p>

<p>@CelaPlusAimaple & Resrosed:</p>

<p>I've been also thinking about applying to UoP, UCD, and UCR as safeties as well, would it be better to apply to those three colleges and not apply to pomona and Ann Arbor? Since from what I've heard, Pomona's acceptance rate is pretty low if it only has ~2k undergraduate students.</p>

<p>Also, should I consider applying to Pepperdine? The only reason I have so little Safeties is because I'm actually not that knowledgeable when it comes to the smaller colleges.</p>