Chance me and school environment

Hi all,

I’m a male from MA. I have a 3.97 weighted GPA (3.47 UW) and 1940 superscore SAT. I have taken all honors classes my entire highschool career, plus AP Bio and AP US History last year (scored a 4 on both AP exams), and I’m currently enrolled in 5 AP courses (English, Physics, Calc AB, Stats, Economics) my senior year. I suspect that I am in the top 15-20% in my class (approx. 400 students), but not entirely sure.

My EC’s are weak but I’m not stressed about it. My usual day after school consists of working out and playing basketball year round, preparing for the high school season. I am an active member in my school’s chapter of Science NHS, have like 20 hours of community service, and work at a basketball facility when I have the time (which is rare because I’m usually very busy studying or playing sports).

I am curious about my chances of getting into these colleges’ engineering schools as well as the climate of their engineering programs. I am looking for project-based programs rather than theoretical programs.

Anyway, here are the schools:

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Virginia Tech
UMASS Amherst
Penn State
Boston University

Any insight on the social atmosphere, what you liked about the schools, etc. would be nice too.

Thanks everyone



What is your Math and CR score?
Any SAT II test scores?
Also, did you try the ACT?

I haven’t taken the SAT II or ACT yet but I plan on taking them soon.

650 on CR, 690 on Math, 600 on Writing.

I also have a very strong essay.

bump. please help me out

I honestly haven’t heard of most of these, but I’ll try my best. Ivy Leagues are looking for standouts, and since your transcript / resume isn’t exactly the most unique one out there, Cornell is out. I don’t really see you orienting towards technology, so Virginia Tech is most likely a no. Penn State and Tufts are both a bit of a stretch, but if you feel you’re up to the challenge, apply. Syracuse seems like a high match. The rest I’ve never heard of, so I apologize for the lack of chancing.

Other notes to take in are that, as said previously, I don’t really see how your transcript describes you as engineering based, as you appear to be a more athletic type. It would also help if I knew the score of the SAT essay as “very strong” doesn’t hold much water.

Hoped this helped a little bit.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute => great choice for applied/hands on engineering
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute => big reach
Lafayette => big reach
Cornell => out of reach
Purdue => match but run the Net Price Calculator because you’ll be paying the OOS surcharge AND won’t get any FA
Virginia => out of reach
Virginia Tech => reach
Tufts => out of reach
Northeastern => reach to out of reach
UMASS Amherst => match
Penn State => match but run the Net Price Calculator because you’ll be paying the OOS surcharge AND won’t get any FA
Boston University => high match but run the net price calculator, it’s one of the most expensive universities in the country and they’re not generous with FA
Syracuse => high match

Applying for engineering or CS makes everything more competitive.
You’d need to break 700 on the Math section of the SAT + on SAT Subject Math2+Physics or Chemistry.

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