Chance me Andover, Exeter, Deerfield, Choate, Hotchkiss

<p>I am just looking for some feedback on what CCers think of my paper stats. I know you can't tell me if I'll get in or not but..? Please chance me with a percentage. I'm in 8th grade, applying for 9th. I do not need FA. I have moved to America in the past two years, so my English still needs a bit of work. I am an under represented nationality, or so I've been told. Please chance me, and give me the honest truth. Thank you.</p>

-Precalculus Honours
-World History Honours
-Advanced Literature Honours
-Biology (No adv. class :[)
-Latin 3
-Advanced Art Placement
-4.0 UW 4.3 W
-SSAT - 99%
I hope my recommendations were good. I wouldn't see why my teachers would want to slander me. I think I do pretty well in their classes.</p>

-Viola 5 years
-Saxophone 6 Years
-Tap dancing classes 4 Years
-Lacrosse 2 Years
-Squash 3 Years
-Soccer 7 Years
-Gymnastics 8 Years
-Football 2 Years
-Hockey 4 Years
-Art Classes 9 Years
-Sailing 2 Years
-Snowboarding 6 Years
-Class Vice President 1 Year
-Class Treasurer (Last Year)
-Raise money to donate to sick terminal illness patients
-Work at hospital as a volunteer 2 Years
-Enviroment Awareness Club(Leader) 5 Years
-Newspaper(Co Editor) 2 Years
-Photography 1 Year
-Theatre - 22 Plays(I think) 10 Years
-Dog Shows 5 Years
-French Lessons 1 Year</p>

<p>I wrote my essays on when I first tried snowboarding, and how I repeatedly failed at it. But in the end I succeeded. Um, I think it was good, but I can't really tell based on other people getting all these writing awards.
My interviews went really well I think. My interviewers (all but one) said I'd be a good match to the school. I didn't get a chance to visit any coaches or anything to do with my ECs though, I notice a lot of people have, will this hurt me?</p>

-Varsity letters for football, soccer, and lacrosse
-At numerous tap dancing competitions I've won 2nd place (Never 1st :[)
-I've gotten many reviews about my acting in the city's paper when I've done plays
-I achieved top GPA at my schools for the past 4 years
-My two dogs have won best in show twice
-I recieved an award from the prime minister congratulating me on my work for promoting awareness to the enviroment
-I achieved over 300 hours of community service, and got a spell award from a magazine for it
-I've won many snowboarding competitions, competing with others from my country
-I was asked to place in a highly rated band in my city where you must be an absolutely outstanding performer to be asked to join
-I was given a certificate of excellence for my work done in Africa where I helped build a school for 3 weeks during my summer</p>

-Currently learning French</p>

<p>I do not know if I have any "hooks." Please tell me if you believe I do, because I keep freaking out about it.</p>

<p>Thank you very much!</p>

<p>BOYCOTT (10 char)</p>


<p>Well said. (<-------howmanycharsizthz?????)</p>

<p>Very well said, starz27.</p>

<p>But... seriously, 8 sports? That's just stupid. There are only three athletic trimesters.</p>

<p>This person is a troll, a fake, and a jerk for posting this crap. I'm so sure this is fake I'm not even going to bother apologizing in case it's real like I usually do. This is just so stupid...</p>

<p>you totally ruined my thoughts of possibly going to the prep schools i'm applying for..</p>

<p>Sorry, I don't think you have much of a chance.</p>

Anyway how can you actively be involved in 8 sports. 3 trimesters. Oh well.</p>

<p>hello, im not going to boycott you. =D
you play viola as well? 5 years? great! (mainly a violinst, but i also play viola in my spare time) what piece are you currently playing? i just started a walton concerto. its so great. if you really HAVE done all the things that you say you do, what piece are you playing...</p>

<p>Ugh, there's always the one...</p>

<p>Italian apparently, if his posts are correct, around 64 posts. Think he just divided it by eight?</p>

<p>huh? principleviola, what are you talking about?</p>

<p>If you look at a lot of his posts Italianboarder tells us he has a lot of sports and basically "brags" about his amazing stats. Was a joke saying this is him.. Is it him? Idk</p>

<p>Italianboarder plays hockey...I don't see hockey anywhere on there....</p>

<p>Let's try not to make assumptions, as flame wars are to come.</p>

<p>Only if he jumps into this thread. If not, I think we're safe</p>

<p>Gymnastics, Squash, Sailing and Snowboarding I do on my own. Outside of school. As for football, hockey, lacrosse, and soccer, I'm a girl for football, so basically I'm on the bench most of the time because my coach is sexist. Uhmm... so hockey for winter, soccer for fall, and lacrosse for spring. Snowboarding I can only do on weekends when I go up north, which isn't often. Sailing I do in the summer, maybe once every two weeks. Gymnastics is maybe for two or three hours on weekends, I'm not too involved anymore. Squash is just a recreational thing I do for pure fun with my friends every now and then. However, I do take lessons over the summertime.
As for the rest of my things, some of them I use a lot of time up, others not so much. Just because I do a lot of activites doesn't mean you need to say that I'm a fake, troll, or whatever. I was not trying to brag, as some of the people on this forum have such amazing accomplishments. I do a lot of ECs and such, however, that doesn't mean I will get in. The acceptance rates for each of the schools is under 25%. There's no telling if I'll get in. I'm just as nervous as the lot of you. So please, don't make downgrade me.
I'm sorry to all of you who think I'm a "troll". And who is italianboarder? o.o
Oh, and I'm currently doing moto perpetuo. Quite hard for me.</p>

<p>I give up... the trolls have won. Jasmyn has like 4 accounts. Senay is back. And now this troll is whining about being called a troll. We are all going to be eaten ALIVE!!!!! </p>

<p><em>runs away screaming</em></p>

<p>Listen to people who have significant post counts, I know cafes don't count but you do not contribute much by posting only in cafes.</p>

<p>Heres logic, if it is someone genuinely new then we can "detect" them. If it is a troll with quite a few posts, Senay, he/she has exposed him/her self on this forum well enough for us to know not to listen to him/her. </p>

<p>I agree with you though.</p>

<p>Istole, please stop. I know you think I'm a troll. I explained above some of my reasoning for my ECs and such. It is your choice to believe if I'm a troll or not, however, can you please just leave this thread? I'd be very appreciative. Thank you.
Principal, I agree with your logic, it would seem reasonable that since my post count is low and apparently my stats look fake, that I could be a troll. I am not a um, clone? of one of the so called show-offs on this forum. I'm sorry if I seem to be. However, I don't think it's quite nice to post people who may have been annoying or showed off in the past, but aren't currently posting here. Just um, keep the peace? ^.^
Trying to keep things mature... and calm, I guess.</p>

<p>Okay let's end this utterly pointless discussion. If, indeed, your stats are accurate (which neither I, nor most of the posters believe is the case) then you have a bloody brilliant chance. Point being, there are only 24 hrs in the day and when they see you do a few minutes of each they will think you are padding. </p>

<p>A lot of your stats, especially together, are unrealistic; moreover any idiot would know that your credentials are through the roof. If you have those stats you are smart enough to know how good they are so the bottom line is you are either a troll or you are fishing for compliments.</p>

<p>Mistake made, lesson learned. kk?</p>