Chance me Andover/Exetor/St. Pauls/ Lakeside/ Choate/ Hotchkiss

Hi, Im 13yo Asian Male.
SSAT 2400
All subject percentile at 99
School grades: Core classes (ELA, Math, Science, Social Sutdies) all above 97 Language grade: 93
Hobbies: Soccer (had an injury, picking back up.)
Piano went to Carnegie Hall in Forte International Music Festival ( got silver) Currently working with a long time pianist who is a professer at Manhattan Music School. Can submit recordings for schools
Bassoon: Started as a hobby, will start to work with a top music school prof in the near future. (can also submit recordings)
Coding: Proficient in Python and HTML. Made mulitple websites and games.
AMC 8 Score: 15 (only took it once in 7th grade without any tutoring. with tutoring this year, prob 23-25)
Writing: Going to be in Scholastic Writing Competition
Also interested in the financial markets. Am also trading stocks. Alll profits have been donated in the past and will be continuing to donate into the future.
What are my chances for top 15 schools?
Whatare other schools that can fit me that also rank very well? Thanks.

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Edit: My school courses are all honors.

Your ECA and academic record is pretty strong. But you need to be school specific because those schools need to be right fit for you. All top ranked schools may not be right for you as all school is different from each other.

you have a decent chance to get into Lakeside, since they are very focused on math achievements. that being said, the 2020 AMC8 score is out at Dec 2020. if you actually get 25 out of 25, your chance would be even better. the SSAT 2400 is impressive, even for Asian male. Lakeside should have released their acceptance letters to you, did you get in? Andover .etc would be March 10th to get acceptance letters right?

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I think you have a great chance at any of these schools (I’m a fellow applicant so my opinion may not matter as much). Your stats seem to be the target level at the schools you applied to. However, Asians are an ORM (including me) and almost all these schools are pretty selective. I do have a question though, where do you currently live? Are you an international student? Good luck!

I will be super surprised if you don’t get into one of those schools.

Edit: Why do you have to apply to all the schools I’m applying. Nooooooooooooooooooo.