Chance me! Applying to BU and Berkeley as my reach school for class of 2025

I will be majoring in film and BU is my top choice. I’m also applying to Berkeley as a reach school. Here are my stats:

3.7 unweighted gpa
4.2 weighted (H spanish, AP spanish, H english, AP english (two years), APUSH, AP gov, AP stats, H biology)
(my school doesnt rank)
I also took a college course and received an A


  • administrative assistant for a television company (9th-12th)
  • girl scout gold and silver award
  • ambassador in girl scouts (kinder-12th)
  • intern for an independent filmmaker (10th)
  • certified in adobe software
  • a visual arts account with over 70k followers (9th - 12)
  • piano (nine years)

I also have relatives who are Berkeley alumni if that helps!

what other colleges should I consider applying to? (my other options are UT, cornell — just for fun, depaul, syracuse university, NYU, UW, emerson, new school, etc)

UCB does not consider legacy. Why Berkeley for Film? UCLA is the UC you should have applied if interested in film but the deadline has passed.

Consider USC (University of Southern California) or Chapman University.

I am not an expert in schools for film majors…but BU and UCB are reaches, as are USC and Chapman (film production acceptance rate 7%, unsure of Film Studies acceptance rate).

Many of the rest of your schools are reaches for film as well…DePaul, Syracuse, and NYU.

What is your budget? Do you have an affordable safety?

Emerson or The New School might be highly likelies, have you received any admissions decisions yet?

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I went to film school and can tell you that it would be very difficult to chance anyone on the basis of stats, other than to say whether there’s something so far below the norm that they’d be excluded. It’s just not that kind of discipline. For the best chances I’d suggest 1, think about telling a coherent story throughout your application (don’t say you’re passionate about environmental causes and then submit a script about a teen romance), 2, revise your writing and if submitting a formal essay (film or tv criticism, for example) make sure you have a clear thesis which is well supported, and 3, when you request letters of rec, politely remind your teachers of specific accomplishments (time you worked well collaboratively, papers you wrote that they particularly praised, etc.). There are lots of great schools out there and film is not a discipline where you can’t get work if you didn’t go to a name school. Good luck!