Chance me ASAP please!

<p>sex: female
ethnicity: caucasian
SAT I: 1790
AP: European History, English 3, English 4
GPA: 2.9 :(</p>

Secretary of Student Council- 1 year
Student council member- 4 years
Varsity Cross Country member- 2 years; captain-1 year
Varsity Track- 4 years
Model UN- 1 year
MEDICO volunteer member (travel to Honduras)- 2 years
FRESH (student run NGO)- 1 year</p>

<p>As you can see, my GPA currently sucks, but I do quite a few extra curriculars. How bad are my chances of getting into the main campus?</p>

<p>oh and I am a connecticut resident</p>

<p>if you have a really good essay and a challenging school.. you'll get in.. you'd get in even without a challenging school. uconn's not that tough to get into ;) you live in ct that gives you a HUGE boost!</p>

<p>Thank you! I'm just so nervous!</p>

<p>Highlight your ECs. Doing so will somewhat mask your GPA, and it will a big boost. IS applicants are highly regarded too. Don't worry :)</p>

<p>Break down your SAT score, please.</p>

<p>Critical Reading: 580
Math: 560
Writing: 650</p>

<p>Less than average chance, unfortunately.</p>