Chance me: astronomy transfer

Hey there!

Transfer year: sophomore
Current year: freshman
Intended major: astronomy
Current gpa: 4.0
School: regional school in IL
HS GPA: not great (mental stuff) 3.3-3.6, can’t remember
ECs: amateur astronomy and astrophotography, pigeon racing, research at the campus observatory under an astronomy professor
White male, IL resident

Letters of rec would most likely be good- I got two, one from my astronomy teacher who I research with and one from an English teacher I had a good relationship with.

Think I have a chance? Thanks!

If you want to transfer for soph year, your HS record will be part of the admissions decision whereas if you wait until transferring as an incoming junior, your HS record becomes much less important. Right now I would say Cornell is a high reach for you, even though you have one college semester with straight As.

What schools are you thinking of transferring to beyond Cornell? Would Cornell be affordable? If you are certain you want to transfer make sure you have at least on affordable safety on your list.

Good luck.

I do have a safety I’m applying to as well; and I think Cornell would be affordable.