Chance me at Bucknell

I have a 3.8 unweighted GPA. School does not rank and a top public high school in state. 1460 SAT (680V/780M) 32 ACT. National Merit Scholar Commended Student. 4 AP classes 4 Dual credit classes. Honors level in most other classes. Varsity Basketball 2 years. AAU Basketball. Travel Baseball. JV Baseball 2 years. NHS. Chemistry awards for outstanding student. Volunteer hours.

Idk stats are low…

What’s your weighted GPA?

JV sports won’t help

I would have to agree with wh0legrain. You scores just simply rent high enough and your GPA is ok, but not impressive. This is a highly-ranked academic school but it might work in your favor, possibly.

Did you ED1 or planning for ED2?

I disagree with others - I think you have a decent chance. My nephew was accepted with similar stats during RD.

Your stats are absolutely fine for Bucknell. Not sure what they are talking about

You are in great shape for Bucknell. Original respondents did not provide accurate info. If you look at the common data set reported by Bucknell, your SAT puts you above the 75th percentile and only 30% of accepted students have unweighted GPA above 3.75. 70 percent have lower unweighted GPAs. Provided you meet their admissions requirements, you are a relatively easy Match for Bucknell.