Chance me at Dickinson

Hi, I am an international student applying to Dickinson College as an Regular Decision applicant. Applying for finaid. Here are my stats:

SAT I : 1390, GPA: 3.9/4 uw and 4.75/5 w
I really wanted to get more in my SATs but due to my father’s illness, I could not prepare properly for the test since I had to be with him.
GCE CIE A Level Results
Economics : A* (Highest in my country)
Maths: A
Chemistry: B (a 79%, missed out on an A by 1%)
Ranking: 1/60 (top 5%). My school is a highly competitive Catholic school directly affiliated with Cambridge University as an official test center for conducting GCE exams. Graduates have went to universities like Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Harvey Mudd, John Hopkins, Cornell etc.

Founder and Instructor of a charitable school where I teach underprivileged children basic computing and programming skills. This has dramatically decreased crime rates in my neighborhood as these children get involved into drug abuse and criminal activites
Ranked 5th in our National Informatics Olympiad and participated in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2016 Russia.
Developed a voice-controlled module for farmers suffering from blindness under OGGRO, one of the biggest social enterprises of our country. Will be unveiled in the International Farmers Academy in March 2018
Was selected as an intern out of thousands of applicants in OGGRO’s Summer Internship Program in 2017. Only 3 made the cut out of all the thousands and I was one of the lucky 3.
Won the Gold Medal for my country in the International Muay Boran and Martial Arts festival as a Muay Thai fighter.
SEO affiliate and freelance web developer.
Working as an asset creator and independent game developer for Unity Tech Ltd.
Lastly, I am working on my very own video game using the Unity Engine. It will be a RPG game based on Slavic mythology. Have created several concept arts and the game is still in the development stages.
President of out school’s environment club where I led a cleaning campaign with the University of Tokyo, Japan. Also organised several Nature Olympiads.

CommonApp essay: I am a bit apprehensive about it honestly. It wasnt bad.
Recommendation Letters: Really really good.

What do you think are my chances?