Chance me at E/D CAS?

<p>GPA-3.5 u/w (top quartile)
SAT- 740 cr 800 math 790 writing (2330 superscore)
SAT II-math 2/lit, i'm pretty sure i got 800's on both of these, i took them on nov. 5</p>

<p>E/C's and AP's:
Student council president: 10th grade-present
varsity Tennis captain: 9th-present
summer tennis academy instructor for little kids: 9th-present
actor/writer/drama: all four years
volunteer at pro tennis event benefitting st. jude: all for years, adds up to like 60 hours
newspaper staff writer-12th
newspaper staff photographer-12th
quiz bowl captain-9th (i was so young but still captained the team, lol)
World history-5
US history-5
english 11-5
calc bc-4
physics b-3
national merit finalist (216 psat)
ap scholar
i won a state writing contest (letters about lit.)</p>

<p>current courses:
ap micro
ap eng 12
ap chem
ap chem lab
ap comp sci
ap euro </p>

<p>my sister went to penn, does that help?</p>

<p>my basic problem is that I had like 4 C's freshman year. Other than that my grades are fine and trend upward.</p>

<p>my essays are really good. my recs will be outstanding.</p>


<p>you have a really good chance, I would think</p>

<p>low gpa though.. not sure how that is going to affect your application</p>

<p>ahhh i know, my gpa is extremely poor. my breakdown is something like this-c's freshman year, 2 b's 6 a's 10th , 1 b junior year, and so far none senior year.</p>

<p>and any opinions/commentary are appreciated, thanks to both of you</p>

<p>I don’t think it will hurt you TOO much. You have good ECs and scores, and your GPA is going up. I wouldn’t worry too much :)</p>