Chance me at Fordham, Please!

White, Male, LGBT+, Jewish, Upper Class
Applied EA to FC
Attending highly competitive arts high school
GPA: 3.5 (lower GPA because of mental health reasons)
3 APs
4 Dual Enrollment
graduating with 37.5 credits
SAT: 1250 (Taking again December 7)
Theater (9)
Yearbook (9)
Student Gov. Rep. (9)
FBLA Member (10-12), Chapter Officer (12)
Prom Committee Chair (11)
Designed for school fashion show (11,12)
Entrepreneurship Club (11,12)
Georgia Tech Inventure Challenge Finalist (11)
Georgia Secretary of State Student Ambassador (12)
School Student Ambassador (11) Head (12)
School Blog Digital Media Specialist (11,12)
Employed at country club as server (10,11,12) (20 hours per week)

Community Service:
150 hours of community service (Hospital, Junior Achievement, etc.)

Two Teacher Recommendations