Chance me at Georgetown? Please?

<p>Or at least please let me know if I'm on the right track. Hoping to get into Georgetown when my time comes. Here's my profile:</p>

<p>Race: Hispanic
Top-notch private school (for point of reference, appeared in recent Forbes Top 20 list)
GPA: 3.4ish (trending upward; my school doesn't give GPAs, just semester and year-end grades, so this is a rough estimation)
Rising junior
Course Load Next (Junior) Year: Advanced US History, Economics, Latin, Advanced French, AB Calculus, Junior English, 1 elective
APs I plan to take: US, AB Calc, English, French, Economics, US Government and Politics, (maybe) Comparative Government and Politics, (maybe) Spanish
"Perks"--none but first generation college student (though not first in my family), son of immigrants
PSATs/SATs--none yet
Extra Curriculars:
*Page, US House of Reprensentatives (accepted, will serve July-August this year)
*President of school chapter of Young Democrats
*Student Government--Representative freshman year, Secretary this year, Class President-elect for next year
*Volunteer on winning campaign for Manhattan (NY) District Attorney
*NFTE business camp
*NFTE business incubator
*I'll likely volunteer for another campaign this summer once I'm done with the Page program
Other: very good at writing application essays, teachers have written great recs for programs I've applied to thus far
Plans for college: Major in prelaw, minor in Government</p>

<p>So, whaddya think?</p>

<p>A couple of things I should add: I did Model UN, and science and math are the subjects that have generally pulled down my grades.</p>

<p>To make any sort of reliable judgement is really difficult considering you have no standardized test scores; the admissions process is heavily reliant upon those facts and the subjective essays and recs which we have no idea about. Your GPA seems a tad low, but the upward trend hopefully places some positive light. But really, make another one of these with some test scores and maybe more feedback will be possible.</p>