Chance Me at Mit,Harvard,Caltech and Stanford

Demographics: United Kingdom, Black Male, international, state school(public school) all-boys, international, lower class: about 30k a year income.

Major: Computer Science

SAT: 1550

Haven’t taken subject tests. I think I have time though.

Grades: They work a little differently here we don’t have a GPA

9’s in maths, all sciences, RE, Computer Science, history and eng lang and lit. 8’s in French and Sports Science

A*'s in Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science for A-Levels are my predicted grades


  1. IOI Gold
  2. IMO Bronze
  3. Jack Petchey Award
  4. Sportsman of the Year Award
  5. BBC Young Writers Award


  1. Rugby player: Play for an academy and School, won a few tournaments, I don’t want to share which team it’s not that hard to find my face. Havent been told about recruitment
  2. Maths Team 4 years
  3. Debating team 4 years
  4. College Captain 1 year
  5. Wrote a research paper on future human evolution
  6. Made and maintained software for my Local Church and Library
  7. Altar Server
  8. Several programming projects in my portfolio(too long to list them)
  9. Business which made about £10,000k annually
  10. Interned at a bank (prolly not going to put this down)

Essays/LORs/Other: I don’t have them yet, but I’m fairly good at writing and I have stories to tell. I do have teachers which I’ve had good relations with.

I’m only applying to MIT, Harvard, Caltech and Stanford since I wanna really focus on my applications on each one, and I’ll go to a safety school here in the UK. I DEFNITELY need financial aid, for these colleges I could survive without a full ride but id still need a lot covered.

Probably stuff I missed because it’s late, but this is the main stuff, thanks!

They’ve been discontinued.

Great stats. Good luck. But for any international applicant, the odds are in to 2 to 5% range.

And unlikely to result in much if any financial aid.

Reach lower to schools known to give good aid.

It is a bit odd that you would include “Alter Server” on your applications but not an internship at a bank.

Altar Serving is something important to me, and I’ve put in hundreds of hours of my weekends into it. The internship lasted like 5 days and I didn’t learn anything.

Very helpful response. Thank you.

Very tough for Internationals to get in these schools. Harvard and MIT are need blind and need met for internationals. Stanford and Caltech are need aware for admissions but need met for FA for internationals, so if you do get in to any of the listed schools at your family income level (30,000 pounds or $), you should receive plenty of aid. Run the NPC’s at each school. Unless you have substantial family assets, there would be $0 EFC for Harvard. Financial Aid Fact Sheet | Harvard

I know they are not on your list but may want to reach out to Dartmouth and Brown coaches as both recruit for Rugby if you are willing to “slum” it with non Harvard/Stanford.


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