Chance me at NYU?!?!?!?!? Please

Writing - 750
Reading - 730
Math - 620
TOTAL: 2100</p>

<p>SAT Subject Tests:
U.S. History - 700
English Lit. - 740</p>

<p>GPA: 4.2 weighted
APs: Euro, U.S., English Lit, English lang, Government, Biology</p>

<p>Extra Currics School Related:

  1. Model United Nations Team Member - 2 yrs
  2. Editor-In-Chief of School Newspaper
  3. The Young Philosophers Society - President and Founder (school club)
  4. The Global Awareness Project - Co-founder (civil rights infractions awareness and education project within my school)
  5. Head Editor of School Literary Journal
  6. School Political Action Group - Democrat VP
  7. Varsity Tennis Team member - 3 yrs
    *8. Running for Student Council President</p>

<p>Extra Currics outside of school:

  1. Boyle Heights English tutor - tutor kids in the underprivelaged area of los angeles free of charge
  2. Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles - consistent article contributor
  3. TreePeople ongoing volunteer - environmentalist group volunteer
  4. Ongoing Obama campaign volunteer
  5. National Conference of Synogague Youth (NCSY) - VP Education</p>

<p>Summer '07:

  1. TreePeople (environmental group) - summer intern
  2. Bet Tzedek Legal Services - summer volunteer, probono law firm</p>

<p>Summer '08:

  1. National Assocation for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) - Summer Intern, Legal/Justice Divison
  2. Don’t know what the second thing i’m doing is yet</p>

<p>Letters of Rec:</p>

<li>From Head of the English Dept. of my high school and he is the supervisor of my philosophy club - will write about my intellectual side</li>
<li>From Head of the History Dept. of my high school - he is also my Model UN supervisor and my Global Awareness Project Supervisor so he knows me very well</li>

<p>What do you think my chances are for admission at nyu? My essay will be great also…thanks - all feedback is appreciated</p>

<p>What school are you applying to?
My stats are really similar to yours with slightly fewer EC's, and a slightly higher SAT score but lower gpa, and I got rejected from CAS and placed into the GSP program...although of course it depends on so many factors, such as your high school and letters of recs and essays and transcript...I would say you have a good shot.</p>

<p>Your stats are similar to mine (I have a few more AP's and a higher equivalent ACT, but our EC's are similar), and I was accepted to CAS. To be honest, I think you have a decent shot. You're pretty much on target with everything they look for. </p>

<p>Good luck. :)</p>

<p>I have the same scores, exact same GPA, and less EC's. I was admitted to Gallatin, but then I have the hook of going to a not-so-good public school in metro Atlanta.</p>

<p>i applied with some more ap classes, lower test scores, less sports.</p>

<p>I got admited to CAS, I'd say ur in as well if ur applyin to CAS, stern is tough for most ppl.</p>