Chance me at Stanford (Product Design Major), UC Berkeley,UIUC, USC and Cornell for Engineering (Probs Mech or EE)

Please chance me for the above-mentioned schools and be brutally honest. I want to pursue engineering and business (probably minor in business)

Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian
Location: California

GPA: 4.0(UW), 4.55(W)
SAT: Test-Optional

APs: Ap European History(4), AP Calc BC, AP Spanish, AP CSA (Self study), AP Physics 1, AP Lit, AP Econ, AP Gov, AP Stats, AP Physics C

Intended major: Product Design/Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering


  • Started a tech jewelry business and had two successful Kickstarter campaigns; shipped to 10 countries
  • Speech and Debate (Varsity Speech)
  • VEX Robotics → vice-captain; build and design lead; all-girls team
  • Badminton (JV for one year and then covid happened)
  • Lead a program to tutor underprivileged teachers in Bangladesh in English Grammar and also am initiating an engineering course for the underprivileged children in Bangladesh.
  • Social Media Manager of the same tutoring program ^^
  • Business Analyst–> I write and publish articles about business trends and investment
  • Tutor kids yearlong in python
  • Writing a book on teens initiating startups and utilizing Kickstarter to do so (aiming to publish by the summer)
  • independent engineering research
  • art [hobby] (featured in local magazines and school art shows)
  • Stanford Summer Session (electrical engineering course)
  • Summer research internship

Awards/Honors: nothing major; Stanford Speech Semi-Finalist; Rotary Speech 2nd Place winner (school level); AP Scholar with Distinction