Chance me at TCU :)

<p>I am about to apply to TCU and I was wondering my chances of admission as well as my chances at financial aid. I will be majoring in physics. I am a white male with a combined parents income of 150,000 which takes away most of the need based aid. So what I'm really wondering is if I could get any of the academic scholarships offered by TCU.
ACT- 31 (32 E, 33 M, 28 R, 30 S)
GPA- 4.2 Weighted, 3.99 Unweighted (1 B throughout High School)
Class rank- 3 out of 105
Taken 6 AP classes (American History, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, American Government, Composition and Literature) these are the only offered at my school
4 year varsity starter in soccer (1 year captain, 2 year all-league honors)
On Key Club's executive board
A lot of community service
2 year member of NHS
Member of math relay team
Can get good letter of recommendation from gifted facilitator and AP government teacher
Can write good essays if I actually feel like it</p>

<p>100% in. Good chance at aid imo.</p>

<p>What about the Honors College? How difficult is it to get in to?</p>

<p>You might be able to get an invitation to the honors college. A couple more points on your ACT could help...</p>

<p>Based on your stats and last year admission, I would say that you have a great chance at acceptance, as well as scholarship and invite to the Honors College. Write a great essay and get great rec letters. Good luck!</p>

<p>Merit scholarships start with an ACT of 27. You are in good shape!</p>

<p>I have recently been accepted into TCU and I can honestly tell you that your credentials have quite the upper hand compared to mine. Your chances of being rejected are very slim.</p>