Chance me at Texas A&M, VTech, Duke, and UVA?

<p>Texas A&M is currently my first choice with VTech as a close backup, but if I were to be accepted at Duke or UVA I might reconsider. (I know it's a long shot for those schools.)</p>

<p>I do realize that I'm agonizingly close to being an automatic admit at A&M. I plan on retaking the SATs to try and rectify the situation. For now, though, please chance me as a non-auto. (:</p>

<p>I feel it's worth noting that I do intend on joining NROTC at whatever school I am accepted to. This is part of the appeal of A&M and VTech to me - they both have a Corps of Cadets and outstanding military programs.</p>

<p>*Texas, female, white</p>

<p>*Intended major: aerospace engineering, possibly ocean engineering</p>

<p>*3.3 UW, 3.9 W</p>

<p>*Top 14%, I believe (I attend a large public school with a class of 900+)</p>

<p>*2080 SAT (710 CR, 580 M, 790 W)</p>

<p>*Heavy courseload. I'm in the most advanced level of courses my school offers, and in my senior year I'll have 5 APs.</p>

<p>*4 years of band with awards and 2 years with a prestigious leadership position in the band</p>

<p>*Two years of Academic Decathlon, two awards at a state level (very difficult to obtain), plan on having at least one more in my senior year.</p>

<p>*Essays are my strong point, so they should be decent.</p>

<p>*Teacher recs should be good. My counselor is new, so I expect that rec to be pretty generic.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>