Chance me at these Liberal arts schools

<p>Sex; Male
Race: South Asian
Major: Economics and Philosophy
GPA: 3.3
ACT: 28
Extracurricular Activities : Co- President Model UN
Secretary of Mock Trial
AP classes: 11(Econs,Governments,Euro,US, World history, Stat,human geography,psych,LAs)
Honors: 5</p>

<p>School: Public, Georgia(idk geographic diversity)
Chance me at </p>

<p>Lawrence University
Beloit University
Rhodes College
College of Wooster</p>

<p>I've actually never heard of any of those schools. However, you seem like a generally good candidate. Might try to improve your GPA a twinge. I imagine these schools should mostly be up your alley. Sorry I don't know the specifics, but good luck!</p>



<p>I think you're good for those schools. btw, i love hampshire too!</p>

<p>Lawrence is your reach here, in Appleton,WI right?
Ive been looking into it as well. However knowing about five alumni and an ad com there I can tell you that an excellent bout of essays and wonderful reccs will outweigh any possible GPA or ACT discrepancy ( not that there is one) Otherwise I believe you should apply for Beloit as well , its a good chance for you. a Little lacking in EC's but hey you more than likely hav a pssion which is the important part.
Rhodes, if Im correct is the other reach. Other than that I can't really speak into the rest that much sorry.
I'm assuming you're in the midwest.
chance back.
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<p>Yeah i think Hampshire is were i want to go.</p>

<p>Good chance at Wooster. D there and she loves it. doing an internship in Philly this next semester.</p>

<p>Wooster is out in no where land. Cute town with some great eating spots but not much happening off campus. But seems to have lots going on on campus, and not all of it drinking</p>

<p>Or so my daughter says.</p>

<p>What about Kalamazoo. Do i have a chance?</p>