Chance me at these schools

Hello all! I am wondering what you think my chances are at these schools. Let me know on any or all of the following:

Boston Univ
U Richmond
Bryn Mawr
Wake Forest
UNC Chapel Hill

My application, stats, and figures:

  • female, multiracial (Asian American), from the midwest.
  • 3.75/4 UW GPA
  • 29 ACT
  • Took pretty much every possible honors/AP course offered to me each year, totaling at 7 APs, 5 honors
  • Multilingual and looking to pursue linguistics as a major. I speak Mandarin and studied it in school, finished all of my school’s offerings. Also finished the Classical Latin program at my school, and in the add. info section I talk about learning ASL on my own. With this, I speak about a renowned linguistics pre-college program I attended.
  • Student body president, four years on Student Council, received award through my school for starting charity event on behalf of Stu Co raising over $1.5k in a day for local housing assistance program.
  • interned at publishing company for a year, had a part-time job throughout high school, played club and school lacrosse all four years, vars lettered in Speech all 4 and had leadership position, Co-captain of school’s knowledge bowl team, had leadership position on school’s Equal Rights organization, was a part of school’s chapter of NHS, National Language Honor Societies for both Latin and Chinese, high honor roll all four, and received President’s Volunteer Service Award for 150 service hours served my junior year by working with dementia patients.

Let me know! Thanks everyone. Sorry for the rough grammar, I have been writing supplements all day and am TIRED.

OK, here we go.

Middlebury - Very high reach - you’re in their bottom 25%, and their acceptance rate was 17% last year.

Boston Univ - Very high reach (you are in the bottom 25%, acceptance rate <20%)

NC Chapel Hill - High reach. You’re within their mid 50%, though on the low side, but you’re OOS, and OOS acceptance rates are <13%

U Richmond - Reach (you are in the GPA range, bottom 25% for ACT, 28% acceptance rate)

Wellesley - Reach (you are below average, but within the mid 50%, but acceptance rate is 21%)

Vassar - Reach (you are below average, but within the mid 50%, but acceptance rate is <25%)

Bryn Mawr - Low reach (you are right in the middle of mid 50%, with 34% acceptance rates)

Wake Forest - hard to say, since it’s test optional and doesn’t post the GPAs of it’s incoming class. However, its acceptance rate is <30%, and most students report being in the top 10% of their class, so I would consider it a reach for you

You need matches and a safety or two.

MWolf, you are basing this on GPA and ACT? I think you have a better shot at some of these schools, your ecs are good and you are from Midwest, not northeast, which helps. But, yes, throw some more safeties in the mix!

If you choose the CGS option at BU your chances improve.