Chance me at these UC's and I'll chance you back! Low-ish GPA but great EC's

<p>My freshman year was okay, but sophomore was bad. I really brought up my grades junior year though. Here's the break down:</p>

<p>Freshman: 3.67/3.67 (two B's)</p>

<p>Sophomore: 3.42/3.42 (four B's unweighted) 3.57/3.57 (four B's, weighted)</p>

<p>Junior: 3.83/3.83 (one B, unweighted) 4.3/4.3 (one B, weighted)</p>

<p>Soph and Junior combined GPA: 3.6 unweighted/ 3.9 weighted</p>

<p>SAT: 1880</p>

<p>Haven't taken SAT II but I plan to get 600-700 in US History, Math level two, and Biology</p>

<p>by Senior Year I'll have taken these AP/Honors classes</p>

<p>Honors Chem
Honors Physics
Honors English III
Honors Pre Calc
AP Bio
AP Gov/Econ
AP English Literature
AP Caluclus AB</p>

<p>I play Varsity Lacrosse
President of UNICEF club
President of CSF(California Scholarship Federation)
President of Senior Women
President of Interact(Rotary Club)
Member of Link Crew (Freshman Mentor club)
Member of Medical Careers club
Own my own Photography business
Intern at a Real Estate firm and a Medical Private Practice
Tons of Community Service Hours</p>

<p>MVP of JV Lacrosse Sophomore year

<p>I want to major in Biology and do PreMed</p>

<p>Chance me at: UCSD, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, San Francisco State, Stanford(I know, huge jump, BUT YOLO), USC, and USD</p>

<p>I live in California</p>

<p>I think my EC's are great (correct me if I'm wrong). I had personal issues that I'll explain in my essay for sophomore year, but the upper trend will improve my chances right?? My SAT's suck, and I don't think I can do much better ... :/</p>

<p>If I can get into UC Irvine I will be more than happy</p>

<p>Bumppp i need help</p>

<p>The fact that you’re in state helps a lot.</p>

<p>UCSD - High Match
UCLA - Reach
UC Davis - Match
UC Irvine - Match
UC Santa Barbara - Safety
San Francisco State - Safety
Stanford - Reach
USC - Reach
USD - Low Match</p>

<p>You’re golden for UCI. Your ECs are fantastic. You’re president of a ton of clubs. Your grades aren’t bad either, your SAT could be higher but I think its fine. I would say you’re good for all of the UCs, except UCLA and UCB which might be reaches for you. UCSD is about a high match because of your SAT score being a little low for it.</p>

<p>I wouldn’t say you are golden for UCI because your scores and GPA are below average for that school, but there is that extra section where you can explain special circumstances on the app.</p>

<p>UCSD: High Match
UCLA: Low Reach
UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara: High Match
San Francisco State: Low Match
Stanford: High Reach
USC: Low Reach
USD: Match</p>

<p>Although you have a competitive major, I think you’ll get into at least one of the mid tiers.</p>

<p>How old are you? Because I have same extracurricular activities and aloso I’m president of several clubs and member of some, I do volonteer too. My gpa is 4.0 but sat is 1800
I’m 16 and I will apply this year</p>

<p>Bump more opinions plz</p>

<p>UCSD - High Match (You’re about average in GPA, but SAT scores could be higher)
UCLA- Reach (SAT scores are a little below average, bring those up and you’re golden)
UC Davis - Match
UC Irvine - Low Match
UC Santa Barbara - Match
San Francisco State - Very low match
Stanford - Reach (but it is for everyone)
USC - Reach (Stats are slightly below average)
USD - Match
Overall, your ECs are your strongest point. Be sure to highlight them in your essay.</p>

<p>Bumppppin again</p>