Chance me at U mich??

<p>I would be applying to the nursing school.</p>

<p>I'm a senior and when I graduate I will have completed 13 Honors/AP courses during my high school career (9 honors classes, 4 AP classes)
-GPA: 3.88/4.0 Unweighted
-ACT: 28 (retook this month, hoping for a 29-30)
-Got a 4/5 on my AP English Exam last year
-Tons of community service (Youth group, sunday school teacher, arts and crafts at a local library, and English as a Second Language teacher)
-Century Club for 2 years (over 100+ hours of service)
-Key Club one year
-Field Hockey 2 years
-Golf 2 years
-National Honors Society 2 years
-Accepted into a Pre-College Program at Emory University this summer and took a non credit course in Neuroscience
-I've been working at an animal hospital for about a year, so I'm familiar/involved with some aspects of medicine (I can write one of my essays about this)
-I work 16 hours/week during the school year and 25/week over the summer
-Hosted a french exchange student in 10th grade, and will be an exchange student for 2 weeks in France this spring.
-I am also taking an online class this year (Veterinary Assistant) on top of my rigorous course schedule.
-Excellent essays and recs</p>

<p>Would I even have a chance? Be honest!
I'm also out of state.</p>

<p>Any ideas of other nursing schools I could get into? Thanks</p>

<p>youre pretty much like me, im sure youll get in, they accept 50-somethingish%. good luck!</p>

<p>The last poster is incorrect, after a boom in apps last year the admit rate went down. If you are a MI resident and applied EA I would say you should be pretty confident, I've heard UM emphasizes GPA more than ACT, so you're probably in a better spot than me (3.7, 33) as far as grades and test scores go. You could also post this in the UM forum for more replies. Good luck to both of us and Go Blue!!!</p>

<p>My bad didn't catch the OOS part. I say you should still have a solid chance though. :)
If you get your ACT to a 30 I say you're in good shape.</p>

<p>Yeah I just got a 30 on the october one! good luck to you too :)</p>