Chance me at UF and FSU

Please chance me at UF AND FSU.
Florida Resident
Small private independent high school
4 year Varsity tennis- captain for 2 years
Girl Scout Gold Award; Girl Scout regional delegate
6 different clubs-including game design club and leader of botany club
Worked a summer job; over 200 hours of volunteer hours

3.84W, ACT 31,no ranking
7 AP classes-APUSH, AP Lang, AP Lit, APES, AP Comp Sci A, AP Art, AP Gov
4 Honors classes-American Literature, Virtual Reality and game design, Latin IV, PRE AP art
3 years of Latin through Latin IV
Essay and supplement good-9/10
Qualified for Bright futures and have Florida prepaid.

UF unlikely, FSU in. Good luck.

Look at the class profile for each school. Does UF recalculate your GPA? If so, what is it?

FSU looks good. UF maybe but wouldn’t count on it. Middle ACT is 30-34. GPA 4.4-4.6.

What do you think your major might be? Maybe add UCF or USF to the list?

Thank you! I figured UF will probably not happen, but I moved my FSU application to summer in hopes of being admitted. I have other colleges on my list, but because of Bright Futures I want to stay in Florida.
My high school doesn’t offer many AP classes and 4 are from this year so I don’t have the super high GPAs like other applicants.

You still need to apply to UF because you never know. I can never find the qualifications but check FAU Honors in Jupiter.

Many get into FSU Summer - but I thought they place you, I didn’t realize you apply. I think you have a shot at FSU regular but if you are good with summer, you need to do it in florida at some point so it’s a good choice.

USF is fast rising. UCF is fine but huge.

You’ll do great.

I think you can use private too - so you may check out Stetson, Florida Tech, etc. Not seeing what you are studying - but I think you get discounts at those.

Saw in another group that FSU sent out a message that they “will no longer automatically consider fall applicants for the summer term. Instead, we are adding a deferral decision”. S22 did not apply to FSU so I don’t know the particulars but thought it might of value due to the amount of conversation it caused in the other group. Could be nothing or something.

I applied at UF because they have game design. I didn’t apply at UCF yet because that program is down downtown Orlando and didn’t really want to take the shuttle back and forth. I guess there is always a chance!

I received the email yesterday about the changes. Lots of competition since applications are up by 103%

It was probably the right thing to do to switch your app for summer entry at FSU.

Assuming your w3.84 is the way the UF system calculates GPA, FSU class of 2025 Summer entry mid 50% GPA was 3.8-4.3 and Fall 4.2-4.6.

What are your AP test scores? Do you have any Cs on your transcript?

I do not know what the recalculated GPA on the SRAR, Maybe 4.0. I have all As and Bs in my classes. My school doesn’t allow AP classes as a freshman and only 1 has a sophomore, 2 as a junior, and 3-4 as a senior so I only have taken 3. Two 3s and a 4. Then, I have the 4 AP classes this year.