Chance me at UNC Greensboro?

High school senior here.

My current GPA:

Weighted- 4.0 (out of a 4.0 system)
Unweighted- 3.6

I have made 5 A’s and 3 B’s each year throughout high school.

I’m currently in AP Chem, AP Bio, and AP English Literature.

I got a 4 on the AP English exam last year.

My SAT score, however, is rather low. I waited until fall of my senior year to take it for the first time… I know. I got a 1170 out of 1600.

630 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

540 (ugh) on the Math

I’ve switched schools a lot, so some of my extracurriculars got cut short. But I am currently in environmental club, STEM Club, and National Honor Society. At my old school, I was in a club called HOSA and that was what I dedicated most of my time to. I’ve also picked up volunteering gigs at the homeless shelter and the library whenever possible.

I want to major in Elementary Education.

What are my chances? Thanks!

@theaquarius I 'd say you have an excellent chance of being admitted, whether you live in NC oryou are out-of-state. With your stats you’d also be in good range for UNC-C or ECU, maybe also UNC-W. An 1170 is a good SAT score!

My oldest is at NCSU. I remember in the info session that the presenter honestly said that ECs (and letters of rec) really are not that important.

For UNCG, have you applied yet? The earlier, the better. I think Dec 1 is the deadline. After that, it’s rolling admissions. To be considered for UNCG merit scholarships, students must submit a completed application for admission to the university no later than Dec. 1. In addition, students who want consideration for these awards must submit the application essay.

Hi- no, I haven’t applied yet. I just have to get my counselor to send my transcript and SAT score. I will be applying within the next week or so. Thank for your input!