Chance me at UPENN CAS Class of 2025

Double Major in Music and Cognitive Science with a minor in Health Care Mangement (Pre Med Track)

SAT I (breakdown):
ACT: Taking this fall ~ 34+
SAT II: Math II, Bio M (This Upcoming Fall)
Unweighted GPA: 94.836 = 3.91
Weighted GPA: ~>104 = 4.40
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): N/A (Top 10%)

AP (place score in parenthesis):
AP Statistics-4
AP World History-4
AP Biology-3 (oof)
AP Environmental Science-4
AP English Language and Composition-4
AP United States History-3 (oof)

Senior Year Course Load:
AP Calculus BC
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP English Literature and Composition

Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):

  • Peer-Reviewed Research Publication found in Journals of Music and Medicine
  • Presidential Volunteer Service Gold Award
  • All County Saxophonist
  • Columbus Day Marching Band Parade 1st Place (2x)
  • AP National Scholar with Distinction

Extracurricular Activities:

1.) Professional Soloist, Saxophone 9,10,11,12 - Alto, Tenor, Soprano; Wind, Jazz, Pit, Marching; Solo Events: Classical, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam Genres: Weddings, Religious Ceremonies, Birthdays, Fundraisers, Conventions; Cities: NYC, Chicago, Philladelphia, Atlanta, Dubai; St. Corona Musical Club of NY & Sangeetham Swanthana → Virtual Concerts held Weekly on Zoom.

2.) Research Mentee, Princeton Neuroscience Institute Computational Memory Lab 12,11
Neuroimaging and computational modeling to investigate the role of music in higher-order cognitive processing such as memory performance.

3.) Research Volunteer, The Music Lab at Harvard University - Music Cognition 12

4.) Youth Ambassador, International Association for Music and Medicine (Non-Profit) 11, 12

5.) Expansion Champion, Musicians on Call (Non-Profit) 12

6.) Intern/Leader of the Healthcare Committee/Event Musician, New York State Senator Re-Election Campaign 11, 12

7.) Scholar, Columbia University Science Honors Program 11 - Neuroscience and Human Physiology

8.) Founder/Executive Board Member, HOSA Club 10,11,12

9.) Executive Board Member, Tri M Music Honor Society 10,11,12

10.) Executive Board Member, Peer Leadership Program 12

Teacher Recommendation: AP Environmental Science/Science Research Teacher, Pre Calc/Alg II Teacher, Band/Saxophone Teacher
Counselor Rec: (Strong Relationship)
Additional Rec: Research Mentor, State Senator, and Music Portfolio

State (if domestic applicant): New York
Country (if international applicant): United States of America
School Type: Public
Ethnicity: Asian Indian
Gender: Male
Income Bracket: 200K+
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): N/A

Additional Info: UPenn is my ED school. My GPA is not so great and I am hoping my Test scores are within the 75th Percentile for UPenn. My end goal is going to Med School to become a Physician but in undergrad, I want to purse the artistic aspect of myself through Music and Playing the Sax. I do have some other reach schools + several match and safety schools on my list. I would like to know if my passions in Music, Cogntive Science, and Medicine are truly portrayed in my EC’s and would it make me a unique applicant for a competitive school like UPenn? I would also appreciate any insights on this specific institution Thanks :slight_smile:

I am just a high schooler, but I think you have better than average chances especially with ED (comparing with other friends who have gotten into Penn). It definitely depends on your essay but being ORM will not help, so make sure you stand out! Your ECs are great and I think you will get into some great colleges anyways!