Chance me at UVA please!

  • I'm an out of state (MD)girl applying ED to UVA's college of arts and sciences as a computer science major
  • I have a 31 ACT, 4.25 weighted GPA, 3.52 unweighted gpa. All A's and B's except for one D I got first semester of Honor Precalc which I explained in the "additional info" box about how that doesn't reflect my overall academic ability.
  • I've gotten scores of 4's on five AP tests, and a score of 3 on one AP test
  • I play 3 sports, on class SGA, have a part time job, and am in multiple leadership positions in different clubs
  • I wrote my main essay about overcoming the difficulties of being a triplet. My supplement to the college of arts and sciences (what work of art has surprised/changed you etc in some way) was about the time I saw Dear Evan Hansen and how I resonated with the show's message. My other supplement was about how I strengthen my school community by being the President of a club called Every 15 Minutes which produced a video to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. -My slightly smarter brother is also applying (but not ED) if that has an impact


Low, UVA out of state is a very tough school to get into, your test scores are low for the school, and there’s nothing making you stand out.